Post-LeBron, Melo choosing between Bulls and Knicks

Post-LeBron, Melo choosing between Bulls and Knicks
July 11, 2014, 1:00 pm
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CSN Staff

With LeBron James' decision made, Carmelo Anthony is on deck.



The NBA was at a standstill until LeBron made his choice and now Melo has to weigh his options: Money or a chance to compete against LeBron and the Cavs this season?

The Knicks have offered Melo a max deal of $129 million over five years and while the Bulls can't offer that much, they can provide an opportunity to truly contend in the Eastern Conference this year.

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Reports came out Wednesday saying Melo was supposed to announce his return to New York, but things have changed since then.

We still don't have an idea of when this Melo-drama will end, but maybe we can all just keep refreshing