Report: Knicks to offer Carmelo Anthony max deal

Report: Knicks to offer Carmelo Anthony max deal
July 3, 2014, 9:45 pm
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CSN Staff

It looks like Caremlo Anthony has a lot of things to think over this weekend. And most of those things have dollar signs in front of them.

After it was reported that the Lakers offered the free-agent superstar a max contract, an ESPN report indicated that the Knicks did the same.

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Of course, there's a big difference between those two maximum contracts. The Knicks, being Anthony's current team, have the ability to offer much, much more money.

Both teams met with Anthony on Thursday, with the Lakers giving a fancy presentation complete with Hall of Famers and Hollywood big shots and the Knicks flying team president Phil Jackson and his 13 NBA championship rings out to California.

Anthony was in Chicago on Tuesday to meet with Bulls brass. The Bulls, while largely viewed as the team in the Anthony sweepstakes that's most ready to win now, cannot offer as much money as the Knicks and possibly might not be willing to offer the same max deal as the Lakers. The large sums of money being thrown around by the teams on the coasts could put the Bulls at a disadvantage. Though few observers would disagree that, as currently constructed, the Bulls give Anthony the best chance at a ring right away of those three teams.

Anthony also met with the Rockets and Mavericks on Wednesday. He's expected to make his decision after taking the holiday weekend to consider his options.

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