Report: Lakers offer Carmelo Anthony a max four-year deal

Report: Lakers offer Carmelo Anthony a max four-year deal
July 3, 2014, 8:15 pm
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CSN Staff

Well, this could make things more interesting for the Bulls and their pursuit of free agent Carmelo Anthony.

According to an ESPN report on Thursday night, the Lakers offered Anthony as big a deal as they could: a four-year max contract worth $95 million.

Anthony met with the Lakers on Thursday, getting a presentation that included Lakers brass, Hall of Famer James Worthy and a representative from the film industry who reportedly showed Anthony a slickly produced trailer for his life in LA.

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Now, as much money as that is, Anthony could still get more from the Knicks, and it's well known that his current franchise can offer him the biggest contract. It's what has made the Knicks favorites all along in the eyes of many observers. The Bulls — and the Lakers, for that matter — can't match what the Knicks can offer. Phil Jackson and the Knicks also met with Anthony on Thursday in California with hopes of convincing the star to stay in New York.

It's unknown whether the Bulls intend to offer Anthony the most they can. Though the Lakers' roster is viewed as less ready-to-win than the Bulls'.

Still, as they say, money talks. And the Lakers seem to be doing an awful lot of talking with their reported offer.