SportsTalk Live: Would you trade Thibodeau for a No. 1 pick?

SportsTalk Live: Would you trade Thibodeau for a No. 1 pick?
May 2, 2014, 9:00 pm
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CSN Staff

In all likelihood, Tom Thibodeau will be the head coach of the Chicago Bulls next season.

But that didn't stop the SportsTalk Live panel from playing the hypothetical game about what the Bulls might be willing to accept in return for one of the league's premier head coaches.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that the Lakers are interested in speaking with Thibodeau about their head coaching vacancy. Last season Doc Rivers -- Thibodeau's close friend who he coached under in Boston -- was traded from the Celtics to the Clippers in exchange for an unprotected draft pick in 2015.

That got the STL panel wondering: What would it take to send Thibodeau to L.A.?

"I think he's more replaceable than certain players," said Adam Jahns. "As it's shown, it's harder to get those star-caliber players on a team -- especially since this is a star-driven league. Would you give up a coach of his caliber? Maybe. I'd consider it, especially if you know you're getting No. 1."

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Host David Kaplan says that unless the player coming out is a once-in-a-generation talent (he doesn't see any in 2014's draft), Thibodeau is more valuable than any draft asset.

"There is no way I'm trading Thibs unless you told me I'm getting a generational player. If LeBron was coming out No. 1, fine. If Shaquille's coming out? OK," Kaplan said. "You find a good coach, man, and you hang on to him. Stability wins."

Still, there's a though that no matter what the Bulls would receive, Thibodeau deserves one shot to see what he can do with a healthy Bulls team.

""I think Thibodeau has had an amazing year as a coach. He had his best player taken away from injury, he had his second best player taken away via trade, and before that the team was looking pretty good," The Game's Alex Quigly said. "Why not give Thibs a chance to run his team and do his job with his players at least once?"

Check out the entire debate in the video above.