Thibodeau a fan of return to Finals format

Thibodeau a fan of return to Finals format
October 4, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Various reports indicate that the league will change the format of the NBA Finals from its 2-3-2 schedule back to the previous 2-2-1-1-1 configuration, meaning the team with the better regular-season record plays two home games, followed by the other team playing two contests in their arena and alternating for the remaining games, if necessary.

The current setup, with three consecutive game for the team with worse regular-season record, was looked upon unfavorably by many, including Thibodeau.

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“I think it’s great and I understand why it was 2-3-2, but it didn’t work out anyway because you had to travel coming back and you would have liked to have had the extra day in between when you were changing cities and it was in the middle of the three games on the road, so you really didn’t benefit from that,” he explained. “I know that when we played the Lakers, when I was in Boston, we had to travel going back to Boston and we had a mechanical problem with the plane, and then you had to play the next day. It worked out for us, I think, but I think it’s much better the way they’re going to do it now.”