What Carmelo Anthony says he's looking for in free agency

What Carmelo Anthony says he's looking for in free agency
June 23, 2014, 6:45 pm
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Mark Strotman

Carmelo Anthony opted out of his deal with the New York Knicks on Monday, making the 29-year-old the most coveted free agent on the market.

And in an interview with VICE Sports (video above) recorded earlier in the month, the seven-time All-Star discussed, in part, what he's looking for in the team and city he ultimately chooses.

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And for Anthony, who grew up in Baltimore and has spent the last four seasons in New York, his decision will factor in more than simply the team.

"The average person just sees (an) opportunity to say that, 'Oh, Melo should go here, Melo should go there; Melo should do this, Melo should do that.' But they don't take into consideration the family aspect of it," he said. "Your livelihood, where you're going to be living at. Do you want your kids growing up in that place and that city? Do I want to spend the rest of my career in that situation, in that city? So all of that stuff comes into play."

During the basketball season Anthony's wife, La La Vasquez, indicated that she and the couple's 7-year-old son, Kiyan, were happy in New York. Reports last week noted that Anthony had begun doing his homework on both the Bulls and city of Chicago, asking a "high-profile person" what it's like to live and be famous in the Windy City.

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Anthony also alluded in the interview to the fact that he's more interested in finding a talented roster, rather than simply teaming up with another superstar or two.

"As far as player personnel goes, I would love to be involved in that. At the end of the day you're creating a family. You can't create a bond with somebody that's not going to fit in with you or not going to be there when you need them the most and don't understand the game and how to win and situations in the game and things like that," he said. "As much as it has to do with having the top guys on the team, superstars per se, you need the rest of your soldiers. You need guys that are going to go out there and put their life on the line for you because it's a war, it's a battle."

Anthony can officially begin speaking with teams July 1. The Bulls, Rockets, Knicks and Mavericks have been linked to him, and a handful of other teams likely will pop up in reports over the coming days.