What's the difference between March Madness and NBA playoffs?

What's the difference between March Madness and NBA playoffs?
March 5, 2014, 1:45 pm
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Chris Vannini

BEVERLY HILLS, Mich. — With the calendar moving to March, one of the most exciting sports events is coming: the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski recently commented that the NBA doesn’t have the same atmosphere as college basketball. Tom Thibodeau’s coaching career did start in college at Salem State, but he’s been in the NBA since 1989. He prefers sticking to basketball, which he gets in the professional ranks. In college, coaches are caretakers of players as they grow up and have to deal with recruiting.

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“I think the atmosphere is really exciting,” Thibodeau said of college basketball. “Certainly, the NCAA Tournament, every game is a Game 7. In one game, anything can happen, so you see upsets. There’s a lot of one-and-done guys, so mid-major programs with seniors are really good. Every year, a team emerges that is like that and can beat anybody, because they’ve had guys together for four years and grew together.”

Noah won two national championships at Florida, and believes Thibodeau would be a great college coach.

“I think he has a college approach,” Noah said. “The intensity that he brings every day, Thibs coaches like a college coach. Every game is a Game 7. We could be in Milwaukee in January, and it’s Game 7 for Thibs all the time.”