Why did Michael Jordan choose No. 23?

Why did Michael Jordan choose No. 23?
November 14, 2013, 9:00 am
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Tony Andracki

Jersey numbers are the universal language in sports. It doesn't matter what sport, what country -- the number a player wears is sacred.

There may be no more recognizable number than 23, thanks to Michael Jordan. Everybody -- even those apathetic about sports -- associates the No. 23 with MJ.

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But why did "His Airness" decide on 23?

In the second part of "Michael Jordan Uncensored," a promotion for NBA 2K14, Jordan said his favorite number in high school was 45.

The only problem was, 45 was also his brother's favorite number and as the elder Jordan, got first dibs.

"He had seniority," Jordan said. "He had the option to wear 45, so I just figured 23 was half of 45 -- 22-and-a-half. And 23 has just kinda stuck with me the whole time."

Jordan had to wear No. 12 for a game once, and relayed the story about how somebody stole his jersey and team personnel went into the crowd to try to find a replica No. 23 jersey.

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Jordan also discusses his "dream team" for a pickup game, including former Bulls sidekick Scottie Pippen as well as NBA legends Magic Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon and James Worthy.

MJ went on to share his all-time favorite dunk, why he chose to wear a different pair of shoes every day and how his mental game changed on the court over the years.

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