Forte unintentionally setting his deal parameters


Forte unintentionally setting his deal parameters

Matt Forte said last week that contract talks with the Bears were ongoing, which is a major positive given that the two sides have until July 16 to agree on anything other than the one-year guaranteed 7.74 million of the franchise tag.

He declined to talk specifics of the talks or what hes seeking. But he inadvertently did just that, although not necessarily at the level hes thinking.

The problem for Forte is that as valuable and complete a back as he is, he is simply going uphill. No fault of his, just the reality.

Forte cited the deals LeSean McCoy received from the Philadelphia Eagles (five years, 45 million, 20.7 million guaranteed) and Arien Foster did with the Houston Texans (four years, 41 million, 20.5 million guaranteed).

The Bears have been using those deals as guideposts, but only to a point (they have leverage, the tag and Michael Bush). And while Forte is essentially and justifiably slotting himself in the player ranges of McCoy and Foster, he will have trouble getting the Bears to view him in the same 20 million-guaranteed range.

The reasons are, for the Bears purposes, pretty simple.

McCoy, 23, is three years younger than Forte and has put up 28 rushing touchdowns on 635 carries while averaging about the same number of pass receptions as Forte for his three NFL seasons and averaging 4.8 yards per carry.

McCoy and Foster average a touchdown about every 22.6 carries. Forte averages one every 48.3.

Foster is the same age as Forte but has scored 29 rushing touchdowns in 659 career carries to Fortes 21 on 1,014 carries. Foster has averaged 4.7 yards per carry with less wear than Forte (4.2).

Forte is spot-on in his observation that the running back position may be in a state of being devalued, but that he is not exactly in that narrow mold of just running back. He is very much a part of a passing offense.

I catch the ball coming out of the backfield, Forte said. If you say its a passing game, well, I catch the ball out of the backfield.

As does Foster, even a tad better than Forte. Foster has averaged nearly 60 catches in his two seasons as the Texans franchise back to Fortes 56.

By Fortes suggested standard, the Bears can rightly say that he is deserving of a top contract but not with the 20 million guaranteed money that his suggested peers received.

My sense is that a deal gets done when one or both sides move, meaning that Forte comes off the 20 million number andor the Bears come off their 14-15 million. That means a deal in the range of 17.5 million guaranteed on a package of four or five years.

The length of deal is significant, because it makes Fortes push for his max even more understandable. In all likelihood, this is Fortes one and last big deal. Hell be 30 or 31 when he is in the market for another one, and that is not where people talk guarantees anywhere close to what is on the table now.

Raiders' move to Las Vegas approved by NFL owners: When's Bears' first trip to Sin City?

Raiders' move to Las Vegas approved by NFL owners: When's Bears' first trip to Sin City?

The Oakland Raiders won't be the Oaklnad Raiders for much longer.

NFL owners approved by a 31-1 vote Monday the Raiders' move to Las Vegas, meaning Sin City will soon have its own NFL team.

With the Raiders playing in the AFC, the move doesn't affect the Bears much. But there eventually will be a road trip to Nevada.

When's the first time the Bears could play in Vegas?

Now, that's contingent on a couple things.

First, the NFL needs to keep its current scheduling model, which pits certain divisions against one another every few seasons.

Second, will the Raiders even be playing in Vegas by 2019?

A new stadium needs to be built, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday that the Raiders will stay in Oakland for the 2017 and 2018 seasons, potentially getting to Vegas for the 2019 season — when the Bears could play there in the team's inaugural campaign in the desert. But a new stadium might not be done by then, keeping the Raiders in Vegas another season. Or, maybe the Raiders could play where UNLV plays.

Whether it's two years down the road or more, there will one day be a Bears road trip to Vegas, one it's fairly certain Chicago fans will be interested in joining.

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Texas A&M DL Myles Garrett

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Texas A&M DL Myles Garrett

As part of our coverage leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft we will provide profiles of more than 100 prospects, including a scouting report and video interviews with each player.

Myles Garrett, DL, Texas A&M

6'4" | 272 lbs.

2016 stats:

33 tackles, 15 TFL, 8.5 sacks, 2 PD, 2 FF


First round

Scouting Report:

"Elite edge rusher who possesses rare explosiveness and the fluid-movement skills and agility of an NBA shooting guard. Good size, but he's never likely going to be a hold-your-ground run defender, and might be best suited as an outside linebacker. However, his ability to explode into the backfield through a gap or around the edge gives him disruptive potential on every snap. Garrett still needs to fine-tune his pass-rush strategy and could stand to give more consistent effort from the start of the snap until the whistle. But his pass-rush production and athletic traits point toward an all-pro career." — Lance Zierlein,

Video analysis provided by Rotoworld and NBC Sports NFL Draft expert Josh Norris.

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