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Ochocinco wants to 'pop' Ray Lewis; LB responds

Ochocinco wants to 'pop' Ray Lewis; LB responds

Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011
10:53 a.m.

Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has some issues with Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis because of a hit that knocked his helmet off. Wednesday on The Dan Patrick Show, Lewis responded and said Ochocinco was joking.

Ochocinco sounds off

"I'm looking for Ray, I've got some choice words for him. I just want to fight him. He's yet to apologize and I still get headaches from that hit. If I was at his party, I would have popped him right there."

Lewis on Ochocinco's comments

"You know that little brother, big brother story? That you finally get old enough to beat your big brother now? Don't try. (laughs)"

Can Lewis tell when Ochocinco is joking?

"Yes, as soon as he opens his mouth, I can tell if he's dead serious or if he's joking."

Lewis on the hit

"That wasn't my fault. My job tells me that I have to find the football. That's what I told him on that play. Look, you know what I'm out there for, he knows that."

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Why Mitch Trubisky has been so impressed by Tarik Cohen

Why Mitch Trubisky has been so impressed by Tarik Cohen

On Sept. 12, 2015, two current Bears were on the same field well before they became NFL prospects and promising pieces of a franchise’s core. 

Tarik Cohen, playing for North Carolina A&T, ran 15 times for 69 yards, putting together an impressive day given the opponent was a Power Five program in North Carolina. And for the Tarheels, a backup quarterback named Mitch Trubisky tagged into a blowout and had a 35-yard touchdown run, and also completed five of seven passes for 37 yards with a touchdown. 

Two years later, Trubisky and Cohen are here in Chicago and have already provided glimpses into what the Bears’ offense could be in the not-too-distant future. 

“Tarik’s always been a beast,” Trubisky said. “I’m glad we’re on the same team. He’s fearless, man.”

Cohen (seven carries 39 yards) and Trubisky (18/25, 166 yards, 1 TD) were the offensive stars of the Bears’ first preseason game. It was the biggest stage Cohen played on after that 2015 game in Chapel Hill, and in it the 5-foot-6, 181 pound rookie showed he belongs in the NFL.

“I’ve always said it’s all about heart,” Trubisky said. “You’ve got a bunch of measurables, but it’s all about heart and that’s what he goes out there and plays with. He’s fearless running the ball and he can take it the distance any given snap.

“It’s tough for me because if I hand it off to him I want to watch him run but I’ve got to carry out my fakes and stuff like that. But he’s a great teammate to have and what I love about him is he always practices hard. No one is outworking him. He’s practicing hard and he loves being out here playing this game.”

Bears edition of 'Who he look like?'


Bears edition of 'Who he look like?'

Who says football can't be fun?

Per wide receiver Markus Wheaton's Instagram account, the Bears had quite a bit of fun playing the "Who he look like?" game on Wednesday: 

No mercy on the new guys as Roberto Aguayo was compared to Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite." Are "Vote for Roberto" T-shirts next? 

Even the most respected veterans don't have a free pass as Kyle Long apparently looks like Marcin Gortat. 

This could be the best one, though. Kevin White as Kel from "Good Burger." 

We'll order up a healthy season for White and many touchdowns.