Hawk Talk: Winter weather problems in Calgary

Hawk Talk: Winter weather problems in Calgary

Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010
7:18 PM

By Tracey Myers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

First, I'm sending a quick hello to fellow CSNChicagoan Aggrey Sam, our Bulls beat writer, who is currently ensconced in Dallas, my former stomping grounds.

P.S. -- Send the warm front up to Calgary ASAP.

Believe it or not, as I watched the local newscasts tonight, the winter weather is the top story. This comes in an area that has gotten snow as early as October and as late as May. But getting this much snow -- close to 10 inches -- has left traffic snarled, transit terribly delayed, cars in highway divides and the folks here generally frustrated.

The roads, which a few of us scribes took from Edmonton this morning, weren't so good in spots. We caught a patch of ice just outside of Calgary city limits and slid for a few seconds. It's always good to have a born-and-bred Chicagoan at the wheel in those situations, which we did.

I know I'm writing this for the folks back home, a grizzled group of Chicagoans who are probably chuckling at my and the Calgary folks' troubles. But keep these two things in mind:

1: It's been a long time since I've dealt with this weather, and

2: Any icy surface, outside of a rink, sucks.

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Eric Semborski gets his own hockey card as Blackhawks' emergency goalie

Eric Semborski gets his own hockey card as Blackhawks' emergency goalie

Eric Semborski lived out his childhood dream by calling himself a National Hockey League goaltender for one day, and he will never forget it.

Now there's proof nobody will.

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Topps revealed Wednesday that it has produced a trading card for the 23-year-old after he signed a one-day contract on an amateur tryout basis to serve as the emergency backup goaltender for the Blackhawks in Saturday's contest against the Philadelphia Flyers.

While he didn't see any action, Semborski said after the game that absorbing shots during warmups from some of the best players in the league was “the best 20 minutes of my life.”

Add this to the memory bank of a story that keeps getting better.

Jonathan Toews donates $1 million to community center in Winnipeg

Jonathan Toews donates $1 million to community center in Winnipeg

Jonathan Toews was the highest paid player in the NHL this past year, and he's giving back to the community that helped him become one of the best players in the league.

The Blackhawks captain donated $1 million to the Dakota Community Centre in Winnipeg, where he was born and raised, making it the largest ever private donation to a community centre in Manitoba.

“From my earliest days playing hockey, Dakota Community Centre has always played a pivotal role in my upbringing and my career," Toews said in a statement. “Today, I continue to be honoured to have my name associated with the Sportsplex on the Dakota campus. My parents have instilled in me the importance of giving back, and I believe that in supporting Dakota, we will see endless possibilities for the Community Centre’s future and transformation in the lives of our community members.”

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Toews will also serve as the honorary chairman for the Dakota Futures Capital Campaign, which will support the construction of a new 60,000-square-foot, $20-million fieldhouse and future development of the campus.

The fieldhouse will include a 30,000-square-foot gymnasium that will contain multiple court sports, such as basketball and volleyball, sport training and conditioning, all of which will be connected to the Jonathan Toews Sportsplex. It's expected to open in the fall of 2017.

The Sportsplex was named in Toews' honor in 2010, and includes two indoor ice rinks, a gymnasium, and strength training facilities, among others.

“We are so proud that Jonathan has chosen to give back to the community in this way," said Toews' parents Andrée Gilbert and Bryan Toews. "Our family has such fond memories of hockey practices and friendships made at the Dakota Community Centre. We look forward to the opening of the new Fieldhouse and the continued growth of the Dakota  campus. Through programs for all ages and acting as a gathering place in our community, the Dakota Community Centre transforms thousands of lives each year."