Bobcats closing in on history


Bobcats closing in on history

Its taken nearly four decades, but the Charlotte Bobcats are just two losses away from replacing the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers as the worst team in league history.

That Sixers team went 9-73 and finished with a league worst winning percentage at .110, but if the Bobcats manage to lose their final two games to finish 7-59, they would replace Philadelphia with a horrid .106 percentage.

Not even the condensed season could be attributed to how dismal Charlotte has been this season.

Kevin Loughery, who coached the second half of that season for the Sixers and coincidentally was Bobcats owner Michael Jordan first coach in Chicago, voiced his thoughts about the club to Fox Sports Florida.

"Talent-wise, they might be the worst team ever," Kevin Loughery, who coached the 76ers during the second half of their Keystone Kops-like campaign, said of the Bobcats. "We had more talent than they did."

"They're just playing with a lot of 10-day contract (type of players) now," said Loughery, speaking by phone from Atlanta, where he is now retired. "That's difficult I know it's just miserable what they're going through for (Charlotte coach) Paul Silas, who's a great guy, and (owner) Michael Jordan, whom I coached. I just hate to see this happen to them."

Loughery also goes on to say that he spent 90 percent of his time scouting as he knew his Sixers squad would have the number one pick in the draft, which the Bobcats can only hope for.

The presumptive favorite for the number one pick in this years draft would be Kentuckys Anthony Davis and even if the ping pong balls go their way and they're able to secure the high flying forward's shot-blocking prowess and seemingly unlimited upside, the Bobcats would still have a long way to go in climbing out of the leagues cellar.

See how one fan completed the ultimate Chicago sports scavenger hunt


See how one fan completed the ultimate Chicago sports scavenger hunt

For one day at least, Marc-Louis Paprzyca is Chicago's greatest sports fan.

Paprzyca - known on Twitter as MLP or Pappy_Hour - completed the ultimate Chicago sports scavenger hunt Wednesday to honor Natinoal Scavenger Hunt Day, needing only three hours to accomplish the feat:

He got started early on the South Side:

Then on to The Bean:

Da Bearsss were the next stop:

Next, the North Side:

And the best for last:

What's amazing is how MLP was able to don different Chicago sports attire for every single challenge. He even donned Jordan 11s β€” the ones MJ wore during the 1996 NBA Playoffs β€” outside the United Center.

MLP β€” a blogger for Sports Mockery and three-time winner of Beer Money β€” won a pair of tickets to attend either a Cubs or Sox game.

Bulls Talk Podcast: Will Celtics trade for Jimmy Butler?


Bulls Talk Podcast: Will Celtics trade for Jimmy Butler?

On the latest edition of the Bulls Talk Podcast, Kevin Anderson, Vincent Goodwill and Kendall Gill welcome in SB Nation's Ricky O'Donnell to discuss the Celtics' motivation to trade for Jimmy Butler. 

The guys also break down whether the league is undervaluing the Bulls All-Star. 

Later, they debate the contant Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison and ask if it's fair after the King's poor showing in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. O'Donnell also analyzes the NBA Draft. He believes Terrance Ferguson is the right pick for GarPax. 

Finally, a behind the scenes look at Goodwill vs. Kendall on the court, and Kendall on the right way to parent a young athlete. 

Listen to the Bulls Talk Podcast below.