Could McGrady fill out Bulls' roster?


Could McGrady fill out Bulls' roster?

Following the official addition of Nate Robinson yesterday, the Bulls roster now sits at 13 players. Their free agency pickings may not be over, as the Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson reported yesterday the Bulls may sign veteran free agent Tracy McGrady.

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K.C Johnson After Nate Robinson signing, Bulls are either done or might add Tracy McGrady.
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McGrady, 33, averaged 5.3 points in 16.1 minutes per game for the Atlanta Hawks last season, both of which were the lowest totals of his memorable 15-year career.
Various surgeries on his ankle, shoulder and knee, includingmicro-fractureknee surgery in 2009, have limited McGrady over the last four seasons. The two-time scoring champ and seven-time All-Star has missed 123 of a possible 312 games since the 2008-09 season, and at this point is a role player, at best.
Still, McGrady could be an important addition for the Bulls. With a rebuilding bench and the possibility that Luol Deng misses time with his ailing wrist, McGrady could provide valuable experience and veteran leadership on the wing.
It's a low risk, low reward option for the Bulls, but would make sense to fill the roster with a proven veteran. Even McGrady's contributions as a teacher to fellow wing Jimmy Butler, who is expected to take on a larger role in 2012, could be worth the contract alone.
It's worth noting that Johnson said the Bulls would be "done" if they do not sign McGrady, meaning Malcolm Thomas, who averaged 11.4 points and a Summer League-high 12.4 rebounds in Las Vegas, must be attracting a larger salary from a different team that the Bulls cannot match.

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Bulls Talk Podcast: March is Nikola Mirotic's month

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