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Kendall Gill calls out Jay Williams for criticism of Georgetown's hiring of Patrick Ewing

Kendall Gill calls out Jay Williams for criticism of Georgetown's hiring of Patrick Ewing

Former Bull ā€” and CSN analyst ā€” Kendall Gill called out another former Bull on Wednesday, taking to social media to blast Jay Williams for the latter's criticism of Georgetown's recent hiring of Patrick Ewing as its new head coach.

Williams, who works as a college basketball analyst on ESPN, questioned whether Ewing, a Georgetown legend who's spent the past 15 years as an assistant in the NBA, would be able to successfully make the transition to the rigors of coaching ā€” and more importantly recruiting ā€” at the college level.

"Look, I love Patrick Ewing," Williams said in a Facebook video. "I think Patrick Ewing is a great human being. But to make him the head coach of Georgetown, I think that's a major problem. When you're an assistant coach at the NBA level, you do not have to grind like a head coach does 24/7. Will Patrick Ewing be able to hit the ground running? You need to recruit in the game of college basketball in order to make your program not just good, not just decent, but great.

"You know, (how) is he going to learn how to recruit? Is he going to be willing to jump on a plane after they lose a game and sit down with a 14-, 15-, 16-year-old kid to tell him he's going to be the next great at Georgetown? Is he going to be able to rejuvenate a culture? Is he going to be able to sit down and find that needle in a haystack, to find out how to get the top recruit to his school?"

Here are Williams' full comments:

My Take On The Patrick Ewing Hire

Patrick Ewing taking over Georgetown is not the right move. Who would have been your pick?

Posted by Jay Williams on Monday, April 3, 2017

Gill, an Illinois alum, didn't like that criticism, taking to Instagram to blast Williams for questioning the hiring Ewing, someone who has paid his dues at the NBA level but has never coached in college before.

Here's what Gill had to say on Instagram:

"Now you see why we don't look at this guy as part of our frat! He had a cup of coffee in the league and talks as if he were a 10-year vet. You don't talk about an all-time great like this! Patrick Ewing has paid his dues as an assistant in the NBA for many years. He deserves his opportunity. Especially at his alma mater, Georgetown. Even if this guy felt this way he should keep his mouth shut! You don't do that to a fraternity brother. We have a code! Obviously he never watched 'The Godfather!' 'Never tell anyone outside of the family what you're thinking!' Oops. I forgot. You're not part of the family! Show some respect dude!"

Gill joined the BullsTalk Podcast later Wednesday to further explain his comments. Hear what he had to say in the video above.

Bank shot: You won't believe how much more money Derrick Rose's former teammates are making compared to him

Bank shot: You won't believe how much more money Derrick Rose's former teammates are making compared to him

At one time, Derrick Rose was cruising towards becoming one of the NBA's highest-paid players.

Not any longer. 

The point guard agreed to terms with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a one-year, $2.1 million deal - otherwise known as the veterans minimum - on Tuesday. That's quite a fall from grace for the 2011 MVP. 

To be fair, the 28-year-old could have pocketed more if he signed with a number of other teams, but he prioritzed winning this offseason. 

Either way, for a guy coming off his best offensive season (18 points per game on 47 percent shooting) since 2012, the low salary is somewhat of a surprise. 

To contextualize the deal, here's a look at former Bulls teammates who will bring home more bacon next season: 

Player | 2017-2018 salary | 2016-2017 points per game | 2016-2017 rebounds per game | 2016-2017 assists per game 

Jimmy Butler | $19.3 million | 23.9 points | 6.2 rebounds | 5.5 assists

Joakim Noah | $17.8 million | 5.0 points | 8.8 rebounds | 2.2 assists

Luol Deng | $17.1 million | 7.6 points | 5.3 rebounds | 1.3 assists

Pau Gasol | $16 million | 12.4 points | 7.8 rebounds | 2.3 assists

Taj Gibson | $14 million | 10.8 points | 6.2 rebounds | 0.9 assists

Omer Asik | $10.6 million | 2.7 points | 5.3 rebounds | 0.5 assists

Tom Thibodeau | $10 million | 24.2 "ice" yells per game

Tony Snell | $9.9 million | 8.5 points | 3.1 rebounds | 1.2 assists

E'Twaun Moore | $8.4 million | 9.6 points | 2.1 rebounds | 2.2 assists

Cristiano Felicio | $7.8 million | 4.8 points | 4.7 rebounds | 0.6 assists

D.J. Augustin | $7.2 million | 7.9 points | 1.5 rebounds | 2.7 asssists

Kyle Korver | $7.8 million |10.1 points | 2.8 rebounds | 1.6 assists

Marco Belinelli | $6.6 million | 10.5 points | 2.4 rebounds | 2.0 assists

Justin Holiday | $4.6 million | 7.7 points | 2.7 rebounds | 1.2 assists

Doug McDermott | $3.3 million | 9.0 points | 2.7 rebounds | 0.9 assists

* We're not sure the exact salary of Brian Scalabrine, but the Big 3 may be paying him more than $2.1 million. * 



Derrick Rose to sign with Cavaliers

Derrick Rose to sign with Cavaliers

Derrick Rose is headed to Cleveland. 

According to The Vertical's Shams Charania, the former Bulls point guard committed to sign with the Cavaliers on Monday, joining a team on the heels of three straight NBA Finals appearances. 

Although the numbers haven't been made official, the contract will likely be a one-year deal worth about $2.1 million. It's a low-risk move for the Cavs, who are signing a point guard with quite a history of injuries. 

Rose, 28, had a bit of a resurgence on the offensive end last year. He posted 18 points per game, which was his highest average since 2011-2012, and he shot 47 percent from the field. While his defense continues to be lackluster, the 2011 MVP gives the Cavs' second unit a scoring boost. 

The signing also raises more Kyrie Irving questions. Irving requested a trade late last week, indicating Rose may be pushed into a more prominent role. 

Rose battled LeBron James in several playoffs. Now, the Chicago kid will try to win alongside The King.