'NBC Sports Talk': Rose the league's top point guard


'NBC Sports Talk': Rose the league's top point guard

Tuesday afternoon's episode of "NBC Sports Talk" featured a discussion of the league's top point guards and as one might expect, Derrick Rose was at the forefront of the conversation.

Hosted by Russ Thaler, who was joined by guests Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the panel ranked Rose as the NBA's best at his position, followed by Chris Paul of the Clippers, the Thunder's Russell Westbrook, New Jersey's Deron Williams and the lone All-Star snub of the group this season, Boston's Rajon Rondo.

Wojnarowski's opinion slightly differed from Mannix's, as he ranked Williams ahead of Westbrook. As far as ability to run the show, that might be accurate, but Williams' struggles with the woeful Nets -- with a sad-sack roster, though not much of an upgrade from the bunch Paul led to the playoffs in New Orleans, taking the Lakers to the brink of first-round elimination last spring -- indicate he might not be worthy of his lofty status in a bottom-line league.

Of course, no point-guard debate would be complete without the inclusion of Jeremy Lin. While Lin has certainly captured the public's attention, the panel agreed that he hasn't accomplished enough to deserve consideration alongside the aforementioned elite quintet.

Also mentioned was the top pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, Washington's John Wall, who some feel has regressed in his second professional season. However, it was rightfully cited that Wall has a lot less to work with on the lowly Wizards than many of his peers and thus, along with Cleveland's Kyrie Irving, the No. 1 overall selection in the 2011 draft, can't be discounted when talking about up-and-coming point guards just below that top tier, even above the likes of veterans such as former two-time MVP Steve Nash and Spurs All-Star Tony Parker, as well as exciting rookie Ricky Rubio of the Timberwolves.

What's your opinion on the issue? Is Rose indeed the best point guard in the league and where do others rank on your list during this so-called "golden age" of point guards?

Dwyane Wade rocks an absolutely ridiculous man purse in Paris

Dwyane Wade rocks an absolutely ridiculous man purse in Paris

From the NBA Draft and a crazy Jimmy Butler trade to...Dwyane Wade's questionable fashion choices?

Just another Bulls offseason.

D-Wade and wife Gabrielle Union are vacationing in Paris and the Bulls guard was photographed with a ridiculous doggie man purse thing:

Here's another shot:

The Black Clark Kent... #ThomBrowne #parisfashionweek #Thrumyeyes

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Now, take my assessments of "questionable" and "ridiculous" with a grain of salt given I know nothing about fashion (I still wear American Eagle shirts I wore in high school), but c'mon now.

The only thing more absurd than the bag is the cost: $2,600 (!!!!!!!).

$2,600? That's 10 Bulls games at the 100 level! That's a quarter of the Bulls' home slate. 


Then again, Butler wore a fanny pack when arriving in Minnesota with his new team:

Here's another shot of Mr. G Buckets' fanny pack:

before we leave london. might as well have @ifeanyi_koggu hit her with the GO route. he did not catch the ball.

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Also, here are a couple photos of D-Wade and Butler having a grand ole time while chillin' in Paris:

D.A.M.N haha. My Guy!!! #Morelife

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That @marquette.basketball connection and that Paris vibe!!! @jimmybutler

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This has been your pointless Chicago sports news of the day. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

It sure sounds like Jimmy Butler regrets being labeled as the face of the Bulls franchise

It sure sounds like Jimmy Butler regrets being labeled as the face of the Bulls franchise

Jimmy Butler didn't come close to following in his trainer's footsteps, but Mr. G. Buckets Unplugged still proved enlightening.

Following a wild Thursday, Butler hopped on the phone Friday afternoon from Paris to chat with Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times about the deal that sent the former face of the Bulls to rejoin Tom Thibodeau in Minnesota.

Butler wanted to be labeled as the face of the franchise, but his comments seem to reflect the old adage "be careful what you wish for."

"It doesn't mean a damn thing. I guess being called the face of an organization isn't as good as I thought. We all see where being the so-called face of the Chicago Bulls got me. So let me be just a player for the Timberwolves, man. That's all I want to do. I just want to be winning games, do what I can for my respective organization and let them realize what I'm trying to do.

"Whatever they want to call me... face... I don't even want to get into that anymore. Whose team is it? All that means nothing. You know what I've learned? Face of the team, eventually, you're going to see the back of his head as he's leaving town, so no thanks."


Butler also spoke about trying to block out all the trade rumors while on vacation in France:

"I mean, I had so many people telling me what could possibly happen, but I just got to the point where I stopped paying attention to it. 

"It's crazy because it reminds you of what a business this is. You can't get mad at anybody. I'm not mad - I'm not. I just don't like the way some things were handled, but it's OK."

Butler doesn't have to be the sole face of the franchise in Minnesota on a team that has two of the top homegrown young stars in the game in Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins.