SI's Lee Jenkins talks Bulls, Rose on CTL

SI's Lee Jenkins talks Bulls, Rose on CTL

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
8:40 PM

Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins called into Chicago Tribune Live Tuesday evening to discuss his recent feature on Derrick Rose.

On Derrick Rose's transformation into a superstar:

"I did an interview with him a couple years ago and it was 45 minutes and I spent 35 of them talking to myself. So this time around, you could tell he's really come out of his shell a lot. He's still very unassuming, especially by current NBA superstar's standards, but compared to where he was, he's a lot more confident and you can see some of those leadership qualities starting to surface. And that might be part of the next frontier for him."
On the perception of the Bulls around the NBA:

"I think people are starting to take them seriously as a contender. It's sort of been a slow build here. I don't think people really felt that way until just recently. That Rose is capable of doing for them what all the elite players--the Kobe Bryants, the LeBron James'--are capable of doing for their teams. And just being around them a little. They play so hard, and they play so well together. A couple of players were saying--veteran guys--that they've never been on a team or seen a team where everybody had a more defined role. Everybody knows exactly when they're going in...Tom Thibodeau's done just an incredible job with the defense for one, but also with letting these guys get comfortable and play their games. To me, I think they're a real sleeper. I still feel they might be a piece away, but they way they play, they really could make some noise.

Check out the video for more.

See how one fan completed the ultimate Chicago sports scavenger hunt


See how one fan completed the ultimate Chicago sports scavenger hunt

For one day at least, Marc-Louis Paprzyca is Chicago's greatest sports fan.

Paprzyca - known on Twitter as MLP or Pappy_Hour - completed the ultimate Chicago sports scavenger hunt Wednesday to honor Natinoal Scavenger Hunt Day, needing only three hours to accomplish the feat:

He got started early on the South Side:

Then on to The Bean:

Da Bearsss were the next stop:

Next, the North Side:

And the best for last:

What's amazing is how MLP was able to don different Chicago sports attire for every single challenge. He even donned Jordan 11s β€” the ones MJ wore during the 1996 NBA Playoffs β€” outside the United Center.

MLP β€” a blogger for Sports Mockery and three-time winner of Beer Money β€” won a pair of tickets to attend either a Cubs or Sox game.

Bulls Talk Podcast: Will Celtics trade for Jimmy Butler?


Bulls Talk Podcast: Will Celtics trade for Jimmy Butler?

On the latest edition of the Bulls Talk Podcast, Kevin Anderson, Vincent Goodwill and Kendall Gill welcome in SB Nation's Ricky O'Donnell to discuss the Celtics' motivation to trade for Jimmy Butler. 

The guys also break down whether the league is undervaluing the Bulls All-Star. 

Later, they debate the contant Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison and ask if it's fair after the King's poor showing in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. O'Donnell also analyzes the NBA Draft. He believes Terrance Ferguson is the right pick for GarPax. 

Finally, a behind the scenes look at Goodwill vs. Kendall on the court, and Kendall on the right way to parent a young athlete. 

Listen to the Bulls Talk Podcast below.