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Word on the Street: Jerry Sloan resigns from Jazz


Word on the Street: Jerry Sloan resigns from Jazz

Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011

Jerry Sloan to resign

Reportersknew something was off when after Wednesday night's loss to the Bulls,Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, who usually comes out to speak to thepress within 10 minutes, stayed in the locker room for 45 minutes in ameeting with Utah general manager Kevin O'Connor.

When Sloanfinally did emerge, he simply said that he had talked to O'Connor andthat they would provide more information on Thursday.

One day later, sources are now saying that Sloan and his assistant coach Phil Johnson is expected to resignat a news conference this afternoon. Sloan, who has coached the Jazzsince 1988, is currently the longest tenured coach in all ofprofessional sports. (

Rockets seeking Bulls' Asik

Could Omer Asik be leaving the Bulls? K.C. Johnson reports that the Houston Rockets are asking for the rookie center in their exploratory talks regarding shooting gaurd Courtney Lee.

The Bulls have scouted Lee extensively, as he is a favorite of the Bulls coaching staff. Management has given no indications it plans to trade Asik, who is valued by the Bulls staff. (Chicago Breaking Sports)

Buehrle on Vick: "We hope he gets hurt"

Mark Buehrle created a stir on Wednesday when, in an interview with regarding his charitable work with animals, he made some disparaging comments about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

"He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where my wife and I watched the game and I know it's bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. Everything you've done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys," said Buehrle in the interview.

Though the quote has since been removed from the article, the controversy is likely to remain. (USA Today)

NFL labor talks halted

NFL labor negotiations took a turn for the worst on Thursday when the second day of a two-day bargaining session was canceled. The cancellation was reportedly due to the fact that the two sides were too far apart, a decision the NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah was unhappy with.

"We wish we were negotiating today," Atallah said. "That's all I can say." (ChicagoBreakingSports)

Fire release Umanzor
The Chicago Fire announced on Wednesday that they had released Salvadorian defender Deris Umanzor. Umanzor, 31, started only five games in his first season with the Fire in 2010, and appeared in only 10 overall.

"We want to thank Deris for his contributions to the Chicago Fire and wish him the best in the next step of his career," said Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas. (

Bulls Talk Podcast: Why Bulls fans should not feel like they 'missed out' on trading for Kyrie Irving


Bulls Talk Podcast: Why Bulls fans should not feel like they 'missed out' on trading for Kyrie Irving

On the latest Bulls Talk Podcast, Mark Schanowski, Kendall Gill, and Kevin Anderson break down the Kyrie Irving trade rumors, Derrick Rose’s move to Cleveland, and Kendall’s appearance in the ‘Big 3’.

Kendall shares what it was like when he wanted out of Charlotte, and how Rose to the Cavs only works if Kyrie is gone.

The trio also explains why Bulls fans should not feel like they ‘missed out’ on trading for Irving. Plus behind-the-scenes of KG’s hometown return to the court.

Listen to the full episode at this link or in the embedded player below:

Bank shot: You won't believe how much more money Derrick Rose's former teammates are making compared to him

Bank shot: You won't believe how much more money Derrick Rose's former teammates are making compared to him

At one time, Derrick Rose was cruising towards becoming one of the NBA's highest-paid players.

Not any longer. 

The point guard agreed to terms with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a one-year, $2.1 million deal - otherwise known as the veterans minimum - on Tuesday. That's quite a fall from grace for the 2011 MVP. 

To be fair, the 28-year-old could have pocketed more if he signed with a number of other teams, but he prioritzed winning this offseason. 

Either way, for a guy coming off his best offensive season (18 points per game on 47 percent shooting) since 2012, the low salary is somewhat of a surprise. 

To contextualize the deal, here's a look at former Bulls teammates who will bring home more bacon next season: 

Player | 2017-2018 salary | 2016-2017 points per game | 2016-2017 rebounds per game | 2016-2017 assists per game 

Jimmy Butler | $19.3 million | 23.9 points | 6.2 rebounds | 5.5 assists

Joakim Noah | $17.8 million | 5.0 points | 8.8 rebounds | 2.2 assists

Luol Deng | $17.1 million | 7.6 points | 5.3 rebounds | 1.3 assists

Pau Gasol | $16 million | 12.4 points | 7.8 rebounds | 2.3 assists

Taj Gibson | $14 million | 10.8 points | 6.2 rebounds | 0.9 assists

Omer Asik | $10.6 million | 2.7 points | 5.3 rebounds | 0.5 assists

Tom Thibodeau | $10 million | 24.2 "ice" yells per game

Tony Snell | $9.9 million | 8.5 points | 3.1 rebounds | 1.2 assists

E'Twaun Moore | $8.4 million | 9.6 points | 2.1 rebounds | 2.2 assists

Cristiano Felicio | $7.8 million | 4.8 points | 4.7 rebounds | 0.6 assists

D.J. Augustin | $7.2 million | 7.9 points | 1.5 rebounds | 2.7 asssists

Kyle Korver | $7.8 million |10.1 points | 2.8 rebounds | 1.6 assists

Marco Belinelli | $6.6 million | 10.5 points | 2.4 rebounds | 2.0 assists

Justin Holiday | $4.6 million | 7.7 points | 2.7 rebounds | 1.2 assists

Doug McDermott | $3.3 million | 9.0 points | 2.7 rebounds | 0.9 assists

* We're not sure the exact salary of Brian Scalabrine, but the Big 3 may be paying him more than $2.1 million. *