CSN to air 82 Cubs games in 2011


CSN to air 82 Cubs games in 2011

Thursday, Feb. 10, 201112:30 p.m.


The Cubs released their television schedule for the 2011 season on Thursday, featuring 80 regular season games on Comcast SportsNet. Included in those 80 are four games against the World Series champion San Francisco Giants and six against the division rival St. Louis Cardinals.

CSN will also air three games against the Eastern Division champion Philadelphia Phillies who are the owners of what is likely the best rotation in all of baseball.

In addition, CSN will air two spring training games:

Sunday, March 20 vs. Giants (3:05 p.m.)
Thursday, March 24 vs White Sox (4:05 p.m.)

2011 regular season schedule

41vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.
42vs. Pittsburgh
12:20 p.m.CSN
43vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.
44vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.CSN45vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.CSN46vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.WGN
48@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.CSN49@ Milwaukee
6:10 p.m.CSN410@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.WGN411@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN412@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN413@ Houston
7:05 p.m.WGN415@ Colorado
7:40 p.m.WCIU
416@ Colorado
7:10 p.m.WGN417@ Colorado
2:10 p.m.WGN418vs. San Diego
7:05 p.m.WCIU419vs. San Diego
7:05 p.m.CSN
420vs. San Diego
1:20 p.m.CSN
422vs. LA Dodgers
1:20 p.m. WGN
423vs. LA Dodgers
12:05 p.m. CSN
424vs. LA Dodgers
1:20 p.m.CSN
425vs. Colorado
7:05 p.m.CSN
426vs. Colorado
7:05 p.m.WGN
427vs. Colorado
1:20 p.m.CSN
428@ Arizona
8:40 p.m.
429@ Arizona
8:40 p.m.CSN
430@ Arizona
7:10 p.m.CSN
51@ Arizona
3:10 p.m.WGN
52@ LA Dodgers
9:10 p.m.CSN
53@ LA Dodgers
9:10 p.m.WGN
@ LA Dodgers
2:10 p.m.CSN
56vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN
57vs. Cincinnati
12:10 p.m.FOX
58vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN
510vs. St. Louis
7:05 p.m.WGN
511vs. St. Louis
7:05 p.m.CSN
512vs. St. Louis
1:20 p.m.CSN
513vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.CSN
514vs . SF Giants
6:10 p.m.FOX
515vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.WGN
516@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU
517@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN
518@ Florida
6:10 p.m.WGN
519@ Florida
6:10 p.m.CSN
520@ Boston
6:10 p.m.WGN
521@ Boston
6:10 p.m.FOX
522@ Boston
7:05 p.m.ESPN
524vs. NY Mets
7:05 p.m.WGN
525vs. NY Mets
7:05 p.m.CSN
526vs. NY Mets
1:20 p.m.WGN
527vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN
528vs. Pittsburgh
12:05 p.m.CSN
529vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN
530vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WGN
531vs. Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN
61vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WGN
63@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.WGN
64@ St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX65@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.CSN66@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU67@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN68@ Cincinnati
11:35 a.m.
CSN69@ Philadelphia
6:05 p.m.WGN610@ Philadelphia
6:05 p.m.CSN611@ Philadelphia
3:10 p.m.FOX612@ Philadelphia
TBDWGN613vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN614vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN615vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN616vs. Milwaukee
1:20 p.m.WGN617vs. NY Yankees
1:20 p.m.CSN618vs. NY Yankees
3:10 p.m.FOX619vs. NY Yankees
620@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.CSN621@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.WGN622@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.CSN624@ Kansas City
7:10 p.m.WGN625@ Kansas City
6:10 p.m. WGN626@ Kansas City
1:10 p.m.CSN628vs. SF Giants
7:05 p.m.CSB629vs. SF Giants
7:05 p.m.WGN630vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.WGN71vs. White Sox
1:20 p.m.WGN72vs. White Sox
3:10 p.m.FOX73vs. White Sox
1:20 p.m.CSN74
@ Washington
12:05 p.m.WGN45@ Washington
6:05 p.m.CSN76@ Washington
6:05 p.m.CSN77@ Washington
6:05 p.m.WGN78@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m. CSN79@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.WGN710@ Pittsburgh
12:35 p.m.WGN714vs. Florida
7:05 p.m.CSN715vs. Florida
1:20 p.m.WGN716vs. Florida
12:05 p.m.CSN717vs. Florida
1:20 p.m.CSN718vs. Philadelphia
7:05 p.m.WCIU719vs. Philadelphia
7:05 p.m.CSN720vs. Philadelphia
1:20 p.m.CSN722vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WCIU723vs. Houston
12:05 p.m.CSN724vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN726@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.WGN727@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.CSN728@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.WGN729@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.WGN730@ St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX731@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.WGN81@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN82@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN83@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN84@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN85vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN86vs. Cincinnati
12:05 p.m.CSN87vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.CSN88vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.CSN89vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.CSN810vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.WGN812@ Atlanta
6:35 p.m.CSN813@ Atlanta
6:10 p.m.WGN814@ Atlanta
12:35 p.m.WGN815@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN816@ Houston
7:05 p.m.WGN817@ Houson
1:05 p.m.WGN819vs. St. Louis
1:20 p.m.CSN820vs. St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX821vs. St. Louis
822vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSN823vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSn824vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSN825vs. Atlanta
1:20 p.m.WGN826@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.WGN827@ Milwaukee
6:10 p.m.WGN828@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.CSN829@ SF Giants
9:15 p.m.CSN830@ SF Giants
9:15 p.m.WGN831@ SF Giants
2:45 p.m.CSN92vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.CSN93vs. Pittsburgh
12:05 p.m.WGN94vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN95vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN96vs. Cincinnati
7:05 p.m.CSN97vs. Cincinnati
7:05 p.m.WCIU99@ NY Mets
6:10 p.m.CSN910@ NY Mets
12:10 p.m.CSN911@ NY Mets
12:10 p.m.WGN912@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN913@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN914@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU915@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN916vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN917vs. Houston
918vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN919vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN920vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN921vs. Milwaukee
1:20 p.m.WGN923@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.CSN924@ St. Louis
12:10 p.m.WGN925@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.CSN926@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.WGN927@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.CSN 928
@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.

Preview: Cubs open series with Pirates tonight on CSN

Preview: Cubs open series with Pirates tonight on CSN

The Cubs take on the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight, and you can catch all the action on CSN. Catch first pitch at 6 p.m. with Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies. Be sure to stick around after the final out to get analysis and player reaction on Cubs Postgame Live.

Starting pitching matchup: Kyle Hendricks (15-8, 2.06 ERA) vs. Chad Kuhl (5-3, 3.73 ERA)

Click here for a game preview to make sure you’re ready for the action.  

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David Ross helps Cubs edge Cardinals in regular season home finale

David Ross helps Cubs edge Cardinals in regular season home finale

CHICAGO — David Ross got fired up when Cubs manager Joe Maddon walked to the mound with two out in the seventh inning, ready to argue for Jon Lester to stay in the game.

Maddon and Lester had a different plan.

"Joe looked at him and said 'Have you ever been a part of where the catcher gets taken out of the game before the pitcher?'" Lester said, describing the scene with a big grin. "You can just see him, it's like the kid at the candy store when you tell him he can pick out whatever he wants.

"It was just like the disbelief in his face and slams his mask back over his face and all he can say is 'I love you guys. I love you guys. I love you guys.'"

Ross then walked off to another standing ovation from a raucous crowd of 40,859 at Wrigley Field, part of a heartwarming Sunday night for the backup catcher in his last season. He also hit his 10th homer and teamed with Lester for another scoreless performance, helping the Cubs to a 3-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.

"It was an amazing night," Ross said.

Ben Zobrist had three hits and scored two runs as Chicago finished with a major league-best 57-24 home record. It's the most home wins for the Cubs since they went 58-19 at the West Side Grounds in 1910.

The Cardinals lost for the third time in four games, wasting a chance to improve their playoff positioning. They remain a half-game back of San Francisco for the second NL wild card after the Giants lost 4-3 at San Diego earlier in the day.

"I think we're in a good position right now," pitcher Carlos Martinez said through a translator. "I also think we have a great shot at winning the World Series."

Ross, Lester's regular catcher, was greeted with a long standing ovation when he came to the plate in the second inning. St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina walked halfway to the mound, forcing the unassuming Ross to take in the moment, and he took off his batting helmet to acknowledge the cheering crowd.

Ross then struck out, but he got another chance in the fifth and drove Martinez's second pitch over the wall in left for 1-0 lead. Ross clapped his hands as he rounded first on his 10th homer and the cheers continued after he reached the dugout, prompting a curtain call.

"It was just fitting that David would hit a home run, isn't it?" Maddon said. "I mean it had to have happened tonight."

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Lester (19-4), one of the top candidates for the NL Cy Young Award, struck out seven in 6 2/3 innings. The left-hander allowed three hits and walked one while improving to 10-0 with 1.34 ERA in his last 13 starts.

It was Lester's idea to pull Ross in the middle of an inning.

"He's like a brother to me and for him to give me that was pretty cool," Ross said.

The Cardinals pulled within one on Jhonny Peralta's two-out RBI single in the eighth, but Brandon Moss flied to center with runners on the corners. Willson Contreras responded with an RBI single in the bottom half and Aroldis Chapman worked the ninth for his 16th save with the NL Central champions and No. 36 on the year.

Martinez (15-9), pitching with a heavy heart after the death of Miami pitcher Jose Fernandez in a boating accident, allowed two runs and six hits in six innings. He struck out six and walked four.

"He had lots of juice," Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. "It's probably the hardest sinker I've ever seen him throw. A couple of those were 97 (mph). He was locked in. He wanted it bad today, and he was good enough for us to win."