CSN to air 82 Cubs games in 2011


CSN to air 82 Cubs games in 2011

Thursday, Feb. 10, 201112:30 p.m.


The Cubs released their television schedule for the 2011 season on Thursday, featuring 80 regular season games on Comcast SportsNet. Included in those 80 are four games against the World Series champion San Francisco Giants and six against the division rival St. Louis Cardinals.

CSN will also air three games against the Eastern Division champion Philadelphia Phillies who are the owners of what is likely the best rotation in all of baseball.

In addition, CSN will air two spring training games:

Sunday, March 20 vs. Giants (3:05 p.m.)
Thursday, March 24 vs White Sox (4:05 p.m.)

2011 regular season schedule

41vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.
42vs. Pittsburgh
12:20 p.m.CSN
43vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.
44vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.CSN45vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.CSN46vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.WGN
48@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.CSN49@ Milwaukee
6:10 p.m.CSN410@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.WGN411@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN412@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN413@ Houston
7:05 p.m.WGN415@ Colorado
7:40 p.m.WCIU
416@ Colorado
7:10 p.m.WGN417@ Colorado
2:10 p.m.WGN418vs. San Diego
7:05 p.m.WCIU419vs. San Diego
7:05 p.m.CSN
420vs. San Diego
1:20 p.m.CSN
422vs. LA Dodgers
1:20 p.m. WGN
423vs. LA Dodgers
12:05 p.m. CSN
424vs. LA Dodgers
1:20 p.m.CSN
425vs. Colorado
7:05 p.m.CSN
426vs. Colorado
7:05 p.m.WGN
427vs. Colorado
1:20 p.m.CSN
428@ Arizona
8:40 p.m.
429@ Arizona
8:40 p.m.CSN
430@ Arizona
7:10 p.m.CSN
51@ Arizona
3:10 p.m.WGN
52@ LA Dodgers
9:10 p.m.CSN
53@ LA Dodgers
9:10 p.m.WGN
@ LA Dodgers
2:10 p.m.CSN
56vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN
57vs. Cincinnati
12:10 p.m.FOX
58vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN
510vs. St. Louis
7:05 p.m.WGN
511vs. St. Louis
7:05 p.m.CSN
512vs. St. Louis
1:20 p.m.CSN
513vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.CSN
514vs . SF Giants
6:10 p.m.FOX
515vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.WGN
516@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU
517@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN
518@ Florida
6:10 p.m.WGN
519@ Florida
6:10 p.m.CSN
520@ Boston
6:10 p.m.WGN
521@ Boston
6:10 p.m.FOX
522@ Boston
7:05 p.m.ESPN
524vs. NY Mets
7:05 p.m.WGN
525vs. NY Mets
7:05 p.m.CSN
526vs. NY Mets
1:20 p.m.WGN
527vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN
528vs. Pittsburgh
12:05 p.m.CSN
529vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN
530vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WGN
531vs. Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN
61vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WGN
63@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.WGN
64@ St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX65@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.CSN66@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU67@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN68@ Cincinnati
11:35 a.m.
CSN69@ Philadelphia
6:05 p.m.WGN610@ Philadelphia
6:05 p.m.CSN611@ Philadelphia
3:10 p.m.FOX612@ Philadelphia
TBDWGN613vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN614vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN615vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN616vs. Milwaukee
1:20 p.m.WGN617vs. NY Yankees
1:20 p.m.CSN618vs. NY Yankees
3:10 p.m.FOX619vs. NY Yankees
620@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.CSN621@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.WGN622@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.CSN624@ Kansas City
7:10 p.m.WGN625@ Kansas City
6:10 p.m. WGN626@ Kansas City
1:10 p.m.CSN628vs. SF Giants
7:05 p.m.CSB629vs. SF Giants
7:05 p.m.WGN630vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.WGN71vs. White Sox
1:20 p.m.WGN72vs. White Sox
3:10 p.m.FOX73vs. White Sox
1:20 p.m.CSN74
@ Washington
12:05 p.m.WGN45@ Washington
6:05 p.m.CSN76@ Washington
6:05 p.m.CSN77@ Washington
6:05 p.m.WGN78@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m. CSN79@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.WGN710@ Pittsburgh
12:35 p.m.WGN714vs. Florida
7:05 p.m.CSN715vs. Florida
1:20 p.m.WGN716vs. Florida
12:05 p.m.CSN717vs. Florida
1:20 p.m.CSN718vs. Philadelphia
7:05 p.m.WCIU719vs. Philadelphia
7:05 p.m.CSN720vs. Philadelphia
1:20 p.m.CSN722vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WCIU723vs. Houston
12:05 p.m.CSN724vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN726@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.WGN727@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.CSN728@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.WGN729@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.WGN730@ St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX731@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.WGN81@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN82@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN83@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN84@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN85vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN86vs. Cincinnati
12:05 p.m.CSN87vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.CSN88vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.CSN89vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.CSN810vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.WGN812@ Atlanta
6:35 p.m.CSN813@ Atlanta
6:10 p.m.WGN814@ Atlanta
12:35 p.m.WGN815@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN816@ Houston
7:05 p.m.WGN817@ Houson
1:05 p.m.WGN819vs. St. Louis
1:20 p.m.CSN820vs. St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX821vs. St. Louis
822vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSN823vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSn824vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSN825vs. Atlanta
1:20 p.m.WGN826@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.WGN827@ Milwaukee
6:10 p.m.WGN828@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.CSN829@ SF Giants
9:15 p.m.CSN830@ SF Giants
9:15 p.m.WGN831@ SF Giants
2:45 p.m.CSN92vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.CSN93vs. Pittsburgh
12:05 p.m.WGN94vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN95vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN96vs. Cincinnati
7:05 p.m.CSN97vs. Cincinnati
7:05 p.m.WCIU99@ NY Mets
6:10 p.m.CSN910@ NY Mets
12:10 p.m.CSN911@ NY Mets
12:10 p.m.WGN912@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN913@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN914@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU915@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN916vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN917vs. Houston
918vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN919vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN920vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN921vs. Milwaukee
1:20 p.m.WGN923@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.CSN924@ St. Louis
12:10 p.m.WGN925@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.CSN926@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.WGN927@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.CSN 928
@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.

With Ben Zobrist sidelined by sore wrist, Cubs move Ian Happ to second base

With Ben Zobrist sidelined by sore wrist, Cubs move Ian Happ to second base

LOS ANGELES – The Cubs drafted and developed Ian Happ with the idea of turning him into a Ben Zobrist-type player who would move quickly through the farm system and surface as a versatile big-league contributor and/or legitimate trade chip.

With Zobrist sidelined because of a sore left wrist, the Cubs got their first look at Happ playing second base in The Show during Saturday’s 5-0 loss at Dodger Stadium. That kind of depth – plugging in a 2015 first-round pick while a World Series MVP rests – should ultimately propel the Cubs over the course of a 162-game season.

Even as the Cubs stutter-step through a 25-23 start, there are enough choices for the best defensive second baseman on the team and a National League Championship Series co-MVP (Javier Baez) to sit on the bench.

“We know that the talent’s there,” Zobrist said. “It’s not like having any one or two guys out of the lineup is a big drop-off for us because of the talent that’s there. And we know that just because we have a lot of young players doesn’t mean that they’re not extremely capable of doing the job as well.”

Zobrist – who’s reached base in 23 straight games and emerged as a new leadoff option with Kyle Schwarber struggling – felt something on an awkward swing in the first inning of Friday’s 4-0 loss to the Dodgers. Zobrist played through it that night and called it a “day-to-day thing” that didn’t require an MRI.

[MORE: Is Joe Maddon turning Kyle Schwarber into a platoon player?

Facing Clayton Kershaw on Sunday after back-to-back shutouts will be a game-time decision.

“It’s tough,” Zobrist said. “We just haven’t strung together enough quality at-bats to score runs the last two games. It’s not just because of us. They’ve pitched well. Their pitchers are pretty hot right now. They’ve spotted up. They’ve gotten early strikes where they needed to and then gone to work pretty well on us.

“The task doesn’t get any easier tomorrow with Kershaw. We just got to keep trying to chip away.”

Preview: Cubs look to avoid getting swept by Dodgers today on CSN


Preview: Cubs look to avoid getting swept by Dodgers today on CSN

The Cubs take on the Los Angeles Dodgers today, and you can catch all the action on CSN and live streaming on CSNChicago.com and the NBC Sports App.

Coverage begins with Cubs Pregame Live at 2:30 p.m. Then catch first pitch with Len Kasper and Ryan Dempster. Be sure to stick around after the final out to get analysis and player reaction on Cubs Postgame Live.

Today’s starting pitching matchup: Jon Lester (3-2, 3.19 ERA) vs. Clayton Kershaw (7-2, 2.01 ERA)

Click here for more stats to make sure you’re ready for the action.  

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