CSN to air 82 Cubs games in 2011


CSN to air 82 Cubs games in 2011

Thursday, Feb. 10, 201112:30 p.m.


The Cubs released their television schedule for the 2011 season on Thursday, featuring 80 regular season games on Comcast SportsNet. Included in those 80 are four games against the World Series champion San Francisco Giants and six against the division rival St. Louis Cardinals.

CSN will also air three games against the Eastern Division champion Philadelphia Phillies who are the owners of what is likely the best rotation in all of baseball.

In addition, CSN will air two spring training games:

Sunday, March 20 vs. Giants (3:05 p.m.)
Thursday, March 24 vs White Sox (4:05 p.m.)

2011 regular season schedule

41vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.
42vs. Pittsburgh
12:20 p.m.CSN
43vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.
44vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.CSN45vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.CSN46vs. Arizona
1:20 p.m.WGN
48@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.CSN49@ Milwaukee
6:10 p.m.CSN410@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.WGN411@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN412@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN413@ Houston
7:05 p.m.WGN415@ Colorado
7:40 p.m.WCIU
416@ Colorado
7:10 p.m.WGN417@ Colorado
2:10 p.m.WGN418vs. San Diego
7:05 p.m.WCIU419vs. San Diego
7:05 p.m.CSN
420vs. San Diego
1:20 p.m.CSN
422vs. LA Dodgers
1:20 p.m. WGN
423vs. LA Dodgers
12:05 p.m. CSN
424vs. LA Dodgers
1:20 p.m.CSN
425vs. Colorado
7:05 p.m.CSN
426vs. Colorado
7:05 p.m.WGN
427vs. Colorado
1:20 p.m.CSN
428@ Arizona
8:40 p.m.
429@ Arizona
8:40 p.m.CSN
430@ Arizona
7:10 p.m.CSN
51@ Arizona
3:10 p.m.WGN
52@ LA Dodgers
9:10 p.m.CSN
53@ LA Dodgers
9:10 p.m.WGN
@ LA Dodgers
2:10 p.m.CSN
56vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN
57vs. Cincinnati
12:10 p.m.FOX
58vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN
510vs. St. Louis
7:05 p.m.WGN
511vs. St. Louis
7:05 p.m.CSN
512vs. St. Louis
1:20 p.m.CSN
513vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.CSN
514vs . SF Giants
6:10 p.m.FOX
515vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.WGN
516@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU
517@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN
518@ Florida
6:10 p.m.WGN
519@ Florida
6:10 p.m.CSN
520@ Boston
6:10 p.m.WGN
521@ Boston
6:10 p.m.FOX
522@ Boston
7:05 p.m.ESPN
524vs. NY Mets
7:05 p.m.WGN
525vs. NY Mets
7:05 p.m.CSN
526vs. NY Mets
1:20 p.m.WGN
527vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN
528vs. Pittsburgh
12:05 p.m.CSN
529vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN
530vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WGN
531vs. Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN
61vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WGN
63@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.WGN
64@ St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX65@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.CSN66@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU67@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN68@ Cincinnati
11:35 a.m.
CSN69@ Philadelphia
6:05 p.m.WGN610@ Philadelphia
6:05 p.m.CSN611@ Philadelphia
3:10 p.m.FOX612@ Philadelphia
TBDWGN613vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN614vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN615vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN616vs. Milwaukee
1:20 p.m.WGN617vs. NY Yankees
1:20 p.m.CSN618vs. NY Yankees
3:10 p.m.FOX619vs. NY Yankees
620@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.CSN621@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.WGN622@ White Sox
7:10 p.m.CSN624@ Kansas City
7:10 p.m.WGN625@ Kansas City
6:10 p.m. WGN626@ Kansas City
1:10 p.m.CSN628vs. SF Giants
7:05 p.m.CSB629vs. SF Giants
7:05 p.m.WGN630vs. SF Giants
1:20 p.m.WGN71vs. White Sox
1:20 p.m.WGN72vs. White Sox
3:10 p.m.FOX73vs. White Sox
1:20 p.m.CSN74
@ Washington
12:05 p.m.WGN45@ Washington
6:05 p.m.CSN76@ Washington
6:05 p.m.CSN77@ Washington
6:05 p.m.WGN78@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m. CSN79@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.WGN710@ Pittsburgh
12:35 p.m.WGN714vs. Florida
7:05 p.m.CSN715vs. Florida
1:20 p.m.WGN716vs. Florida
12:05 p.m.CSN717vs. Florida
1:20 p.m.CSN718vs. Philadelphia
7:05 p.m.WCIU719vs. Philadelphia
7:05 p.m.CSN720vs. Philadelphia
1:20 p.m.CSN722vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.WCIU723vs. Houston
12:05 p.m.CSN724vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN726@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.WGN727@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.CSN728@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.WGN729@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.WGN730@ St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX731@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.WGN81@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN82@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN83@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN84@ Pittsburgh
6:05 p.m.CSN85vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN86vs. Cincinnati
12:05 p.m.CSN87vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.CSN88vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.CSN89vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.CSN810vs. Washington
7:05 p.m.WGN812@ Atlanta
6:35 p.m.CSN813@ Atlanta
6:10 p.m.WGN814@ Atlanta
12:35 p.m.WGN815@ Houston
7:05 p.m.CSN816@ Houston
7:05 p.m.WGN817@ Houson
1:05 p.m.WGN819vs. St. Louis
1:20 p.m.CSN820vs. St. Louis
3:10 p.m.FOX821vs. St. Louis
822vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSN823vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSn824vs. Atlanta
7:05 p.m.CSN825vs. Atlanta
1:20 p.m.WGN826@ Milwaukee
7:10 p.m.WGN827@ Milwaukee
6:10 p.m.WGN828@ Milwaukee
1:10 p.m.CSN829@ SF Giants
9:15 p.m.CSN830@ SF Giants
9:15 p.m.WGN831@ SF Giants
2:45 p.m.CSN92vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.CSN93vs. Pittsburgh
12:05 p.m.WGN94vs. Pittsburgh
1:20 p.m.WGN95vs. Cincinnati
1:20 p.m.WGN96vs. Cincinnati
7:05 p.m.CSN97vs. Cincinnati
7:05 p.m.WCIU99@ NY Mets
6:10 p.m.CSN910@ NY Mets
12:10 p.m.CSN911@ NY Mets
12:10 p.m.WGN912@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN913@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN914@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.WCIU915@ Cincinnati
6:10 p.m.CSN916vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN917vs. Houston
918vs. Houston
1:20 p.m.CSN919vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN920vs. Milwaukee
7:05 p.m.CSN921vs. Milwaukee
1:20 p.m.WGN923@ St. Louis
7:15 p.m.CSN924@ St. Louis
12:10 p.m.WGN925@ St. Louis
1:15 p.m.CSN926@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.WGN927@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.CSN 928
@ San Diego
9:05 p.m.

[PHOTO] Joe Maddon, Miguel Montero patch things up over a drink

[PHOTO] Joe Maddon, Miguel Montero patch things up over a drink

Despite the Cubs ending their 108-year World Series drought, Miguel Montero made offseason headlines for all the wrong reasons when he complained about his role in the Cubs' 2017 championship campaign.

Montero criticized Maddon's communication skills, catching rotation and bullpen decision-making after the team's Grant Park celebration. Maddon brushed off the criticism, and last week at spring training Montero said he hadn't spoke with the Cubs' skipper.

That tension appears to be all but a thing of the past, as Montero posted this picture of him and his manager sharing a drink together sporting nothing but smiles.

It's safe to say Montero would describe his relationship with Maddon now as: #WeAreGood.

Addison Russell planning to become next Cubs superstar

Addison Russell planning to become next Cubs superstar

MESA, Ariz. – Addison Russell earned his manager’s trust by playing “boring” defense, always making the routine plays at shortstop with textbook fundamentals. Even Russell’s agent called him an “old soul,” already serious about his craft and driven by quiet determination and husband-and-father responsibilities.

But the Cubs also know Russell as a moonwalking showman with the freaky athleticism to do Ozzie Smith backflips and make spectacular highlight-reel plays. And you could see the vroom-vroom, fist-pumping celebrations after yet another clutch hit.

“Ever since I was a little kid,” Russell said, “I always wanted to be on the big screen.”

Now Russell will try to make the leap to superstar, as one of the many personalities on a Cubs team that can crossover nationally and live forever in Chicago, just like the ’85 Bears, the way Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo have built their brands.

“We got great ballplayers, beautiful faces on this team,” Russell said. “Just talent galore in this clubhouse, and that’s really cool to see, because these guys handle themselves like real, true professionals.”

The start of spring training is a reminder that Russell has still only spent one wire-to-wire season in The Show. He turned 23 last month and has already become a World Series champion, the youngest player in franchise history to start an All-Star Game and the first Cub shortstop to reach 95 RBI since Ernie Banks in 1960.

Russell’s World Series grand slam helped him accumulate the most postseason RBI (14) in club history – after putting up 11 game-winning RBI for a 103-win team. FanGraphs also had Russell tying San Francisco’s Brandon Crawford for the major-league lead with 19 defensive runs saved at shortstop.

“Really, the sky’s the limit,” manager Joe Maddon said. “This guy is scratching the surface. He is that good. Know thyself – I think that’s what’s happening with a lot of our young guys. They’re understanding themselves better. And as they do, their game’s going to continue to improve.

“So with Addie, listen, he could be an annual All-Star, there’s no question. Beyond that, he’s just such a gifted athlete, so quick, and he cares so much. And he’s really turned out to be a good self-evaluator, so all those are components to creating a superstar.”

Russell said he’s working with Boras Corp. on potential endorsements with Pepsi and Audi. He visited a Nike headquarters in Oregon to help design his custom cleats and custom glove. He also posted images from the White House on his social-media accounts, which have nearly 549,000 followers combined between Twitter and Instagram.

“The opportunities are coming, which is great,” Russell said. “It’s a whole new playing field. I’m glad that I’m getting to see a different side of baseball, where I can actually find a couple talents off the baseball field. It’s all interesting stuff.”

It’s also taken some getting used to, as he almost had trouble remembering how many “Addison Russell Days” there were in Florida, between events at Pace High School and with the Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners.

“This whole fame thing is really new to me,” Russell said. “Walking everywhere, people want autographs and stuff. Different airports, different cities, it’s very humbling. It’s a great blessing. I’m just a small-town guy, so it hit me pretty hard.”

Like the moment Russell realized what the Cubs just did, after the whirlwind of riding in the championship parade down Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Avenue, standing on stage in front of millions at the Grant Park rally and going to Disney World.

“I remember this past offseason, going into my mom’s room and laying down on her bed,” Russell said. “That’s when all the memories of this past year – all the way from spring training (to) the All-Star Game and then the World Series run – it all hit me at once. It was overbearing, kind of, and I started crying.

“That’s when it sunk in. It was just a magical moment.”