MLB may adopt international draft


MLB may adopt international draft

With all the news surrounding Yoenis Cespedes and the impending spending cap, there is talk of the MLB trying to find a universal solution for teams acquiring international players.

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement limits the amount of money teams can spend on international players as well as those chosen in the amateur draft. Which is a big reason why the market on guys like Cespedes, Gerardo Concepcion and Jorge Soler is larger than normal. The Yu Darvish post was also a bit on the crazy side.

Currently, there is an amateur draft in place for those players from the U.S. who are either coming out of college or high school. For international players, it's almost first-come, first-serve. Whoever wins the posting bid for Japanese players wins the right to negotiate exclusively. With Cuban and Dominican players, whichever team provides the best contract, they essentially win the player.

That may change, according to Bud Selig.

The MLB commissioner told BaseballAmerica recently the league may be headed for an international draft.

"It is inevitable," Selig said. "I would like to see it. We have made some significant progress to that end. When we went to the draft in 1965, it was to create a more level playing field. We've done that, and the same thing will have to happen internationally."

While it may be inevitable, Selig admitted there is no timetable yet on an international draft.

"We'll watch the situation carefully and make the right decision," he said. "I can't say when a draft would be put in place. We want to see how the process works out."

For more, check out the article at BaseballAmerica.

White Sox may have to deal with Francisco Lindor for a while, according to unlikely source

White Sox may have to deal with Francisco Lindor for a while, according to unlikely source

Sources have confirmed that kids really do say the darndest things. 

In a spring training game Sunday afternoon, 6-year-old Brody Chernoff, son of Indians general manager Mike Chernoff, spilled the beans on his dad's prospective moves. Goated by announcer Todd Hamilton, Brody said that his dad was trying to keep Lindor in Cleveland for seven more years.

On one hand, Brody's honesty rivals a young Abraham Lincoln. Not even Adrian Wojnarowski could cultivate a source so honest and to the point. On the other, his dad probably is a little shocked that contract offer leaks are coming from his own family. 

Either way, though, hearing that Lindor may be in Cleveland for a while is bad news for the White Sox. The 23-year-old stud shortstop has hit over .300 in his first two big-league seasons. So definitely not someone you want to have in your division for years to come. Oh, plus he's absolutely nasty with the leather. 

Cubs fans know all about Lindor's talents, too. The shortstop hit .296 in his first World Series and was almost a key reason the Indians captured the crown. Almost!

Watch the hilarious exchange in the video above. 

Today on CSN: White Sox tangle with Dodgers in spring training game

Today on CSN: White Sox tangle with Dodgers in spring training game

The White Sox battle the Los Angeles Dodgers, and you can catch all the action right now on CSN.

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