Sox Drawer: Williams doesn't deny Greinke rumors


Sox Drawer: Williams doesn't deny Greinke rumors

By now, youve probably heard the red-hot rumor: TheWhite Sox are interested in Brewers pitcher Zack Greinke. Kenny Williams has already traded for third baseman KevinYoukilis and reliever Brett Myers. Doesthe White Sox GM have the green light to pull off another trade of suchmagnitude? The answer not only appears to be yes, but according toWilliams, hes not stopping there.I think its safe to say if theres been an impactperson out there that can help this club, weve made that phone call, Williamssaid Tuesday in an interview with Comcast SportsNet. Youd be surprised at some of the phonecalls weve made.He didnt offer up any names, so youll have to use yourimagination. However, when I mentionedGreinke, as well as Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster, and whether he made phone callsinquiring about them, Williams didn't avoid the answer.You wouldnt be off base, Williams said. I cant deny any rumors. You havent heard me deny any rumors unlessits something that I feel is going to take away from the focus of one of ourguys, and then I might come out and say, No, so-and-so is safe. Were notlooking down that road.Williams never came to the defense of any of the pitchersin his rotation. Feel free to draw yourown conclusions.Pressing him a little further, I said to Williams, Itsounds to me like youre going after Greinke.Looking at my notebook, he replied light-heartedly, Itsounds to me like there are other questions on that pad.To make a trade for a front-line starter, Williams coulddeal a player from his current roster, or dig into the White Sox farm systemthat has been panned by critics, but has proven to be much better thanpreviously thought with so many pitchers coming up and succeeding at the majorleague level.Does Williams feel a sense of redemption?Well yeah. Id be lying if I said otherwise, Williamsadmitted. I looked up last week or theweek before and we had nine rookie pitchers, forget about position players, rookiepitchers on darn nearly half the team. Theyre learning on the fly, gettingtheir major league shoes underneath them and theyve done an admirable job. Allwere requiring them is to go out there and be aggressive and do theirbest. So far, were in a good positionto contend for a division and build. When you have that many young players, you have a foundation to build. Alittle bit of rebuilding at the same time were in contention, its a goodplace to be.Not as good as first place, where the White Sox wereperched from June 24th until last Saturday when the Tigers took over the topspot. But Williams isnt losing sleepover it.Theyll have another bad stretch, he said about theTigers. Just like weve gone through a bad stretch here. Its all timing. Wecaught them when they were their hottest and we were at our coldest. But Idont think the Tigers think were going away.When it comes to making trades, neither is Kenny.

With first big contract in hand, Tim Anderson planning a run to the Pepsi machine

With first big contract in hand, Tim Anderson planning a run to the Pepsi machine

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Tim Anderson plans to buy one very expensive Pepsi.

When it comes time to make his first big purchase, the White Sox shortstop already has a good idea what he's going to do.

As he quickly rose through the minors, Anderson — who signed a six-year deal Tuesday that could pay him $50.5 million through 2024 — talked to his mother about her retiring if he ever reached the big leagues. But all Lucille Brown joked that she has wanted from Anderson is a Pepsi, just one Pepsi. Anderson said on Thursday morning that he intends to make good on his promise and then some.

"She always told me, 'I don't want anything from you, I just wish you the best. The only thing I want from you is for you to buy me a Pepsi,'" Anderson said. "Pepsi is her favorite soda. The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to buy her a Mercedes and I'm going to buy a Pepsi and put it in the cup holder for her."

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An outpatient healthcare worker, Brown and her husband Roger — who are Anderson's aunt and uncle — raised Anderson along with their three children. Anderson said he and Brown have discussed her retirement over the past few years and will broach the topic again in the future.

If Lucille decides to retire, Anderson thinks she might take up decorating houses, which she did for the second-year player after he recently purchased a home in North Carolina. But for now, Anderson wants to take care of his family for helping him attain his goal of playing in the big leagues, which led to the "life-changing" contract.

"I think she's going to retire," Anderson said. "We haven't picked up on that conversation yet, but we'll talk about it.

"I feel like nothing but good people have been in my circle from the time that I got drafted."

Miguel Gonzalez can't stop two-out rallies as White Sox fall to Oakland

Miguel Gonzalez can't stop two-out rallies as White Sox fall to Oakland

GLENDALE, Ariz. — His split-fingered fastball could use a little work, but Miguel Gonzalez is ready for the regular season.

The White Sox pitcher allowed four earned runs, all with two outs, in his penultimate Cactus League start on Wednesday. Gonzalez also gave up nine hits as the White Sox lost to the Oakland A’s 5-3 at Camelback Ranch.

"I'm pretty excited for (the regular season)," Gonzalez said. "We all know that spring can be a little long sometimes. But we are here, we are here to work and keep doing what we are doing. We are going to be OK."

Gonzalez allowed two runs each in the first and second innings. Both rallies came with two outs and were a bit of a surprise to the right-hander, who left after 4 1/3 innings. Gonzalez wonders if his split-fingered fastball might not be as sharp as normal because of the dry desert air in Arizona that affects many pitchers.

"It wasn't there today," Gonzalez said. "Not quite as good as I thought it would be. Bullpen I felt really good. Falling behind hitters first two innings. That doesn't really help you, especially a team like this that's very aggressive.

"I'm working on (the splitter). It's fine. I mean it's a little different then it is in Florida. It's not as humid. But you can't think that way. You have to go out there and keep working."

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Melky Cabrera went 1-for-3 with two RBIs for the White Sox. Yolmer Sanchez tripled and homered in the loss. Former White Sox farmhand Frankie Montas struck out four over two scoreless innings to earn the save for Oakland.

The White Sox sent four more players to minor league camp before the game, including reliever Tommy Kahnle. The team sent five players to the minors on Tuesday, including pitcher Carson Fulmer. While Fulmer would love to start the season in the majors, he said it won't hinder him from taking advantage of his time at Triple-A Charlotte.

"Obviously last year getting a taste, it's that dream you've had since you were a kid," Fulmer said. "You want more of it. It's not an addiction in a way. But once you get a taste of it you want more of it. All of us young guys are trying to get back to where we've been. I think time will tell, but I think we'll get a chance here soon and get a chance to create something special."