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Sox Drawer: You Be the GM


Sox Drawer: You Be the GM

Tuesday, September 29th

Officially, there's only one general manager of the Chicago White Sox. But unofficially, there are thousands.

Yes, everyone has an opinion about what moves Kenny Williams should make. I hear them all the time.

Like today, my friend Mike gave me his grand plan to fix the Sox. His idea? Shake up the locker room by bringing back all of the bad seedsclownstroublemakers from seasons past (Carl Everett, Orlando Cabrera, Carlos Lee, Nick Swisher, Scott Eyre, Willie Harris, etc.), trade for Manny Ramirez and Carlos Zambrano, bring back Terry Bevington as bench coach (that was my idea), mix them all together with A.J. Pierzynski, and youll have the Oakland Raiders circa 1972.

Mike was joking. I think.

So let's pretend Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf calls you on the phone today, and gives you the keys to the kingdom for about 15 seconds.

What would you do? Who would you sign? Who would you trade?

Post your comments below. Be smart, be creative, be daring. Maybe Kenny will read them. Maybe not. The forum is yours.

Predicting the 2018 White Sox rotation

Predicting the 2018 White Sox rotation

The future is now for the White Sox pitching staff. 

Just one day after Carlos Rodon put forth another strong outing and Carson Fulmer made his first MLB start, the Sox No. 6 prospect, Lucas Giolito, took the hill for the first time on the South Side. That's without even mentioning 23-year-old Reynaldo Lopez, who's currently on the disabled list, getting the call to the majors a few weeks ago. 

With an influx of young arms, what will the rotation look like one year from today? White Sox insider Dan Hayes joined CSN's "In the Loop" to give his predictions: 

Ace: Carlos Rodon

Hayes' take: He's made the mental gains he's needed to and is beginning to trust his dominant stuff. 

No. 2: Reynaldo Lopez

Hayes' take: He has electric stuff and will be in the MLB all year. 

No. 3: Lucas Giolito

Hayes' take: He's simplified things in the minors and has started to find his way after a rough start at Triple-A Charlotte. 

No. 4: James Shields

No. 5: Free agent to be named later

Hayes' take: It's a placeholder. The Sox may do something similar to this year and sign someone like Chris Tillman to try and trade later. 

What about flamethrower Michael Kopech, you ask? 

"It would not surprise me at all if Kopech was up next year, towards the end of the season, if he can do what he did this year at Double-A," Hayes said. 

White Sox Talk Podcast: Carlos Rodon on being new and improved, Dan Hayes with farm system findings


White Sox Talk Podcast: Carlos Rodon on being new and improved, Dan Hayes with farm system findings

Carlos Rodon comes on the podcast with Chuck Garfien to talk about his White Sox past, present and future.

He discusses his bicep injury which forced him to miss the first three months of the season and might end up being a blessing in disguise for his career. He talks about the pitch he threw that caused the Cubs Kris Bryant to be ejected earlier this season, why he wants to be a top tier pitcher like Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw, if it would have been better for him to play more in the minor leagues before being called up to the majors and why the White Sox rebuild is headed in the right direction and more.

Then Dan Hayes from CSN Chicago joins the podcast to talk about his trip through the White Sox farm system. They discuss the surprise Michael Kopech promotion to Triple-A, joining the Nicky Delmonico Fan Club, how Casey Gillaspie is nothing like his brother Conor and why White Sox fans should look out for Jake Peter, who is tearing it up for the Charlotte Knights and more. 

Listen to the White Sox Talk Podcast below!