Vizquel won't return in 2012


Vizquel won't return in 2012

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Omar VizquelNo I won't RT @Kmart0307: @VizquelOmar13 Omar! Are you coming back to the WhiteSox next season?! I think you should!
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With Ozzie Martinez and Eduardo Escobar representing better-fielding, younger, cheaper options as backup infielders, Vizquel doesn't have a place with the 2012 Sox.

Following a marvelous 2010 that saw his OBP jump to .341, Vizquel looked like a 44-year-old in 2011, as his OBP fell to .287. Defensively, Vizquel's arm was weak and he had little range, although he only committed one error (in other words, he served as an example of why fielding percentage is a flawed stat).

It's kind of a shame the White Sox couldn't keep Vizquel until his retirement to try to hire him on as a coach. His last two stops in the majors -- with the Rangers and Sox -- have seen a pair of shortstops join the elite defensive ranks at the position between Elvis Andrus and Alexei Ramirez. That could be just a coincidence, but maybe there was something to Vizquel's vast knowledge of the shortstop position paying off for those players.

White Sox Talk Podcast: Searching for the truth about Luis Robert with Keith Law and Jesse Sanchez


White Sox Talk Podcast: Searching for the truth about Luis Robert with Keith Law and Jesse Sanchez

With the White Sox expected to sign highly coveted Cuban prospect Luis Robert, there are many questions left unanswered about him: how good or great can he be? How do we even pronounce his last name? There have been various opinions to both.

In the latest White Sox Talk Podcast, Chuck Garfien and Ryan McGuffey interview ESPN senior baseball writer Keith Law and's Jesse Sanchez whose reporting on Robert have unveiled two different projections about the 19-year-old outfielder.

A high ranking scouting director told Sanchez that Robert "is the best player on the planet." Scouts who have spoken to Law question Robert's hitting and Law passionately defends his sources on the podcast. 

Later, Chuck and Ryan answer questions from Facebook Live about what prospects Sox fans are most excited to see play in a Sox uniform.

Listen to the latest White Sox Talk Podcast right here:

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