White Sox morning roundup


White Sox morning roundup

From yesterday:

As of the end of Tuesday, when asked which member of the 2005 World Series you'd most like to see back with the White Sox, 31 percent of responders voted for Aaron Rowand while 29 percent went for Juan Uribe. For the record, Paul Konerko went with Uribe, While Pierzynski mentioned Rowand but went with Neal Cotts or Cliff Politte, who received just 2 and 1 percent of the vote. Jon Garland garnered a solid 17 percent, while "other" -- Jermaine Dye and Scott Podsednik were popular answers -- received 15 percent. Carl Everett got just 2 percent, which seems a little low, though.

Adam Dunn may not be a good bet to hit 30 home runs, but if he has some sort of bounce-back year, he'll still be worth significantly more to the 2012 White Sox than he was to the 2011 team in terms of dollar value.

Chicago Baseball Hot Stove looked at the latest chatter (or non-chatter, at least from Kenny Williams) on Yoenis Cespedes and Jorge Soler -- the latter of which would be a great fit for the White Sox, but may end up with the Cubs.

Miguel Cabrera won't play left field. Nuts.

And at South Side Sox, KenWo recapped SoxFest, while James has a fantastic look back at previous SoxFests for Southside Showdown.

Has Jose Quintana's slow start to the season affected his potential trade value?

Has Jose Quintana's slow start to the season affected his potential trade value?


Jose Quintana has not started his 2017 campaign as many White Sox fans had hoped or expected.
Through nine games the 2016 All Star has posted just two wins and watched his ERA climb to 3.92 after Wednesday’s loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks. 
This past offseason, Quintana was frequently mentioned as a possible trade piece for the White Sox who if moved might have brought in other key pieces for the retooling South Siders, much like Chris Sale and Adam Eaton did. 

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Have Quintana’s early season struggles impacted his trade value?
White Sox play-by-play announcer Jason Benetti weighed in while appearing on Wednesday’s edition of SportsTalk Live.
“Somebody's trade value isn’t contingent necessarily on what he’s doing right now,” Benetti said. “I mean general managers are smart enough to know Jose Quintana is worth X over the course of time and a lot of what trade value has to do with, is what other teams need. So as injuries continue to pile up to other pitchers, if we’re talking about the value of a starting pitcher, the market has as much to do with that as his performance in one specific game.” 
Listen to what else Benetti had to say in the video above. 

SportsTalk Live Podcast: Jason Benetti stops by to talk the future of the White Sox


SportsTalk Live Podcast: Jason Benetti stops by to talk the future of the White Sox

There's a lot of buzz around the future of the White Sox.

White Sox announcer Jason Benetti joined SportsTalk Live on Wednesday to discuss the team's exciting young prospects and how soon they'll be making their way to the South Side.

Also joining Pat Boyle on this episode of the SportsTalk Live Podcast are the Tribune's David Haugh, Pro Football Weekly's Hub Arkush and WGN Radio's Sam Panayotovich.

The guys also react to Mike Glennon's recent comments and Kevin White’s uncertain status at OTAs.

Plus, they wonder if Kyle Schwarber has finally found his spot in the Cubs' lineup.

Take a listen to the latest episode below: