MLB Power Rankings: Week 11

MLB Power Rankings: Week 11
June 18, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Every week during the MLB season,'s Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz will roll out updated power rankings. Check out our rankings to date: Preseason | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | Week 8 | Week 9 | Week 10

Rank J.J.  
Tony Comment
1 Cardinals Cardinals

JJ: Looking forward to the Adam Wainwright/Matt Harvey Cy Young battle this summer.

Tony: Great story from Patrick Mooney on the "Cardinal Way."

2 Reds Reds

JJ: Jay Bruce since May 1: 12 HR, .951 OPS.

Tony: Moving Tony Cingrani (most Italian name ever, btw) to bullpen is definitely not a dumb move.
3 Red Sox A's

JJ: John Lackey has a 3.08 ERA, and yes, it is 2013.

Tony: Best team in MLB over last 162 games. Also, the crappiest. Literally.
4 A's Red Sox

JJ: With the sewer flap Tony mentioned, think these guys regret this video?

Tony: This offense -- and Jose Iglesias -- showing no signs of slowing.
5 Braves Pirates

JJ: Evan Gattis to the DL. Nuts.

Tony: They might be No. 1 on this list if they only had some offense.
6 Pirates Braves

JJ: Gerrit Cole fever: Two solid starts, a 99 mph fastball...and only three strikeouts?

Tony: Struggles away from Hotlanta (18-20) could hurt them down the stretch.
7 Tigers Tigers

JJ: Max Scherzer, you guys.

Tony: Anibal Sanchez injury hurts, but this will ease the pain.
8 Rangers Orioles

JJ: When was the last time the Metroplex was so panicked over something that's not football?

Tony: Who would've thought Davis, Machado, Jones, Markakis would be most formidable foursome in MLB?
9 Orioles Rays

JJ: Okay, Buck Showalter better win AL Manager of the Year this time around.

Tony: Wil Myers' time is upon us. This is gonna be fun.
10 Yankees Rangers

JJ: Jayson Nix has a higher OBP than Ichiro, filed under things that we'd never expect in 2009.

Tony: Suddenly, playoff aspirations could be in doubt with recent six-game skid.
11 Padres Diamondbacks

JJ: Top-notch defense (like this) and a good enough offense rocket them near the top 10.

Tony: Starting to play more like the middle-of-the-road team I believe they are.
12 Rays Yankees

JJ: They're lurking, and they've been dangerous in the past in this same spot.

Tony: The injury bug is running rabid in the Yankees clubhouse.
13 Diamondbacks Rockies

JJ: On a bit of a skid, but pitching is good enough to keep them in the NL West race.

Tony: Just don't see any way they don't sink with Tulo missing more than a month.
14  Rockies Giants

JJ: For what it's worth, FanGraphs' WAR rates their pitching staff as the fourth-best in baseball.

Tony: Take out Madison Bumgarner and this rotation would have worst numbers in baseball.
15 Giants Padres

JJ: Odd for this franchise: Pitching is holding a solid offense back.

Tony: Gotta hand it to JJ for calling this success preseason. He was spot on.
16 Royals Royals

JJ: If Detroit keeps sputtering, maybe there will be meaningful baseball in Western Missouri this summer.

Tony: Won 11 of 13 to climb right back in the playoff chase.
17 Blue Jays Blue Jays

JJ: Winners of six in a row, only 5 1/2 out of a wild card spot. Not dead yet.

Tony: Still far back in the ultra-competitive AL East, but climb toward .500 has commenced.
18 Nationals Nationals

JJ: Three teams have a worse OPS than them: the Marlins, Mets and White Sox.

Tony: Can't keep making excuses for them. Time to start winning.
19 Phillies Indians

JJ: Need to see Cliff Lee in a playoff race again: 2.55 ERA, averaging 1.5 walks per nine innings.

Tony: Carlos Santana (.283/.385/.496) making a case for best offensive catcher in baseball.
20 Indians Mariners

JJ: Having one of baseball's worst bullpens isn't helping them break out of mediocrity.

Tony: Michael Morse before May 2: 9 HR, 14 RBI. Since: 2 HR, 9 RBI.
21 Angels Twins

JJ: Albert Pujols + Josh Hamilton = 0.6 WAR, $31 million.

Tony: Time to call up Kyle Gibson. What are they waiting for?
22 Dodgers Phillies

JJ: I think $6 billion is a fair price for the right to watch Yasiel Puig play.

Tony: Struggling in every statistical category but one: Leads MLB in 47 quality starts.
23 Mariners Dodgers

JJ: Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma would be a great 1-2 punch...if they could ever make the playoffs.

Tony: There's a Twitter account solely for Puig's ABs.
24 Twins Angels

JJ: 5.14 rotation ERA highest in AL -- could use Kyle Gibson pretty soon.

Tony: What's the ruling on making the same lame LOSS Angeles joke again?
25 Brewers Brewers

JJ: At least Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura have emerged as building blocks.

Tony: Gallardo finally finding his form: 0 ER, 7 H, 3 BB last 2 starts, spanning 14 IP.
26 Cubs  Cubs

JJ: It's been a full month since Anthony Rizzo hit his last home run.

Tony: Even Alfonso Soriano's losing patience with Marmol.
27 Astros Mets

JJ: That they've climbed this high is actually kind of impressive.

Tony: Marlon Byrd is on pace for 27 HR, 81 RBI in 420 ABs. Huh.
28 White Sox White Sox

JJ: Can't lose three of four to Houston and expect to be ranked ahead of them.

Tony: Losing series to the Astros is the new low point this season.
29 Mets Astros

JJ: Sunday's Cubs-Mets game may have been the worst baseball game of the season.

Tony: Who would've thought they'd have a four-game win streak all season?
30 Marlins Marlins

JJ: Have Giancarlo back and playing good baseball. Enjoy it while it lasts (probably not long).

Tony: Last 15 games: 9-6 record. Yes way.