MLB Power Rankings: Week 17

MLB Power Rankings: Week 17
August 6, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Every week during the MLB season,'s Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz will roll out updated power rankings. This week, we're listing our first-half MVPs in the comments.

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Note: We skipped Week 12 due to other obligations.

Rank J.J.  
Tony Comment
1 Braves Braves

JJ: Coasting like that guy hypermiling his Prius in front of you (disclaimer: I drive a Prius).

Tony: Man, nobody's had to use #Barves for almost two weeks, huh?

2 Red Sox Pirates

JJ: John Lackey, still plugging along with a 2.31 ERA in 20 starts.

Tony: Only 15 victories away from a winning season! Woohoo!
3 Rays Cardinals

JJ: Evan Longoria since the All-Star break: .210/.279/.387. And they're still right there with Boston.

Tony: I love Matt Carpenter. I love lamp?
4 Tigers Tigers

JJ: Miguel Cabrera has a .454 OBP. .454!

Tony: Pshh, only a 9-game winning streak? All of Hotlanta scoffs at you, Detroit.
5 Pirates Rays

JJ: I just watched Cool Runnings, so really hope their season/sled doesn't fall apart this late in the race.

Tony: Wil Myers is just the best, you guys.
6 A's Dodgers

JJ: Jarrod Parker since June 1: 2.82 ERA, still prone to walks but a great sign for them.

Tony: Yasiel Puig for MVP. Like, for serious now.
7 Dodgers Red Sox

JJ: Remember when Don Mattingly was on the hot seat? Probably was nothing more than the sideburns.

Tony: Can't wait to see David Ortiz do a Jake Peavy impression.
8 Cardinals A's

JJ: They're better than this, but a bunch of streaking teams ahead of them push them down here.

Tony: Man, Josh Donaldson (.851 OPS) would be awesome on the Cubs right now.
9 Indians Indians

JJ: Weird that of all their big offseason moves, Ryan Raburn (13 HR, .950 OPS) has had biggest impact.

Tony: Is it still too soon to talk about Monday's fiasco against the Tigs?
10 Rangers Rangers

JJ: Just as they start to right the ship, Nelson Cruz is taken away from them.

Tony: Twitter tirade aside, Matt Garza has been awesome for them.
11 Reds Royals

JJ: They're flailing, but are still in good position for a Wild Card spot.

Tony: LOL, Royals. At least they're winning.
12 Royals Reds

JJ: "I don't know where you magic pixies came from, but I like your pixie drink."

Tony: They've lost 7 of 9. Is this the beginning of the end?
13 Orioles Orioles

JJ: Scott Feldman's had fewer strikeouts since the trade, and a 5.70 ERA doesn't look great.

Tony: The world is a much better place when Chris Davis hits homers.
14  Diamondbacks Yankees

JJ: On the flip side of the Reds' issues, Arizona could get back into the playoff hunt with a nice run here.

Tony:  This week is just another reminder why Joe Girardi is the man.
15 Yankees Diamondbacks

JJ: So C.C. Sabathia has a 4.78 ERA and his fastball has lost velocity. That's not good.

Tony: They have a guy on their team named Tuffy Gosewisch.
16 Nationals Nationals

JJ: Offense has given over 100 at-bats to four players with negative WARs.

Tony: Remember when their offense was good?
17 Mariners Padres

JJ: "Hey, how's it going? Nice night for a game."

Tony: Continue to prove they're the best of the worst.
18 Padres Blue Jays

JJ: Andrew Cashner: 3.80 ERA, 3.77 FIP.

Tony: Jeez, Josh Johnson (6.60 ERA, 1.68 WHIP) has to be the worst pickup ever.
19 Blue Jays Mariners

JJ: Despite a 4.41 ERA, Mark Buehrle on pace for another 200-inning season.

Tony: Dustin Ackley still can't hit.
20 Angels Rockies

JJ: In light of the Dodgers' hot streak, their season looks even worse.

Tony: Freefallin' back to Earth, Tom Petty style.
21 Rockies Angels

JJ: It was a good run, just not meant to last.

Tony: Eh, it could be worse. They could be the pre-Puig Dodgers.
22 Giants Giants

JJ: Roger Kieschnick is no Brooks Kieschnick.

Tony: Chad Gaudin may be a crazy drunk, but he's an awesome pitcher (2.56 ERA, 1.15 WHIP).
23 Mets Mets

JJ: I had to look up who he was, but Josh Satin has a .417 OBP and 17 percent walk rate in 115 PA.

Tony: They may have found something with EY, Jr.
24 Cubs Cubs

JJ: Mike Olt with Triple-A Iowa: .115/.148/.173, 16 K in 54 PA.

Tony: Total #Cubes move with the weekend series against LAD.
25 Twins Phillies

JJ: Since July 1, opposing hitters had a .988 OPS against Kevin Correia.

Tony: Seriously, why didn't they trade anybody at the deadline?
26 Brewers Twins

JJ: Five years ago they had Braun, Fielder and Sabathia. Now they have no...wait, that's not how the joke goes.

Tony: Silver Lining: At least they're 26-27 at home.
27 Phillies Brewers

JJ: They have a -88 run differential, but no, why would they sell at the deadline?

Tony: This has been a nightmare season for Yovani Gallardo.
28 Marlins Marlins

JJ:Good thing they bilked the taxpayers for a new stadium that isn't drawing well.

Tony: So much turnover. 47 different guys have batted for them and 22 have pitched at least one inning.
29 White Sox White Sox

JJ: Four and a half games behind Houston on the Road To Rodon.

Tony: At least they won Monday night in the national spotlight.
30 Astros Astros

JJ: Good luck getting this out of your head.

Tony: A whole bunch of funny Astros GIFs for your viewing pleasure.