Is Soriano a HOFer? Offensive numbers indicate worthy consideration

Is Soriano a HOFer? Offensive numbers indicate worthy consideration

July 12, 2013, 9:30 pm
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While Alfonso Soriano's time in Chicago has been clouded with much criticism for not living up to his $136 million dollar contract, the numbers he has produced throughout his career have some believing that the 37-year-old is worthy of Hall-of-Fame discussions.

"It surprised me when I looked up at some of these numbers and how they compared,"said Gordon Wittenmyer, the Cubs beat writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, during a discussion SportsTalk Live.

"He's a two-way offensive player that has existed very, very rarely in this game. And it's worth a conversation on that subject."

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Entering Friday's game against the Cardinals, Soriano has 1,082 total RBI, 1,983 hits and 280 stolen bases and is 13 home runs shy of 400 for his career.

"This is a guy, that if he plays a few more years, he is 20 steals away from 300 ... He is going to get to 400 homers, there is no doubt about it. Now 400 homers in this day and age is pretty cheap in the generation he came up in. And 300 stolen bases isn't anything all by itself," said Wittenmyer. "But there's four guys in history that have done that. Two of them are in the Hall of Fame, and two of them will never get there because they did steroids.

"He is going to be a guy, when he is on the ballot, and voters are looking for a clean guy to vote for, among the clean guys, he might stand out."

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With the large impact that steroids has played on electing players in the Hall, someone like Soriano, with no history of steroid use, might find a way to enter the conversation among voters.

Will Soriano ever end up in the company of names like Cobb, Ruth and Gehrig? Probably not. But it will be interesting to see what Soriano's numbers end up looking like at the close of his career.