What Wrigley will look like after renovations

What Wrigley will look like after renovations

September 10, 2013, 11:15 am
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CSN Staff

For Cubs fans wondering what Wrigley Field will look like after the team's renovation plan is complete, a layout has created on a much smaller scale.

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The model displays the fresh look inside and outside the ballpark, expanding onto Sheffield, Waveland, Clark and Addison. 

"When fans and corporate sponsors see this, many of the things they love and cherish about Wrigley Field will remain the same and not change," said Colin Faulkner, Cubs vice president of partnerships and sales. "The marquee, the ivy, the scoreboard — the things fans love when they come to the ballpark, those things don't change. But there's a lot of new things they'll see with this that really tell the story of what we're trying to do."