Why Girardi may want a World Series with Cubs more than you think

Why Girardi may want a World Series with Cubs more than you think
October 4, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Tony Andracki

With all the talk linking Joe Girardi and the Cubs' managerial vacancy, it's a reasonable question to wonder if the popular manager even wants the job.

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Everybody has their own opinion. Theo Epstein thinks the Cubs gig sells itself given the number and quality of prospects coming up through the system. Those around the game can make the claim the Cubs job is the ultimate challenge for a manager, especially one who grew up in Peoria, went to school at Northwestern University and was drafted by the Cubs.

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But what does Girardi think?

So far, he's been silent on the matter, letting his agent do the talking. But if a video from 2002 is any indication, maybe the Cubs job is exactly what he'd want.

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In a video sent to CSN's David Kaplan from noted filmmaker Matt Liston, who created "Chasing October", a 2007 docu-comedy about the Cubs' 2003 season, Girardi says playing for the Cubs was his boyhood dream.

The 48-year-old former catcher had won three World Series as a player with the Yankees by the time the interview took place, but said he would "definitely" give all three rings up for just one Cubs World Series ring.

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Girardi has since won a fourth ring with the Yankees -- this time as a manger in 2009 -- but he clearly understands what a championship would mean to this city.

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"For the Cubs to win the World Series, it would just be a wonderful event," Girardi said in Liston's video. "You'd own the city. It would be awesome. They'd probably start giving buildings away. It would just be unbelievable."