Bud Black on Rick Renteria: '(Players) will know where he stands'

Bud Black on Rick Renteria: '(Players) will know where he stands'
November 7, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Cubs manager Rick Renteria has the right temperament for his new title say former co-workers.

Last month, Boston Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy lauded his former coach, who on Thursday was named the 53rd manager in Cubs history, for his ability to have good relationships with players while maintaining accountability.

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San Diego Padres manager Bud Black backed the assessment this week, noting Renteria knows how to work with players and concurrently be an authority figure. Renteria, 51, has been part of Black’s staff since 2008 and spent the past three seasons as his bench coach.

“He’s got a very perceptive eye for players and a very good perspective,” Black said. “If something is not going how Ricky expects it they’ll know where he stands.”

Black believes Renteria has the proper qualifications to handle the job. One of Renteria’s top assets is his tireless energy, which Black said has made him popular with players.

“He’s going to work his tail off,” Black said. “He’s going to teach. He’s gonna get dirty with the players. He’ll be pushing them. He has a great deal of energy. He’ll bring an everyday work ethic and passion.”

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Renteria joined the Padres coaching staff after he spent eight seasons as a manager in the minor leagues. He also managed Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic in 2013. But Renteria never came off as someone who was looking for the next rung on the ladder, Black said. The two have often discussed Renteria moving up but Black said his former coach has always been focused on his current role and not caught up in what the future might hold.

“I’m excited and pumped for Ricky,” Black said. “The thing about Ricky I think is awesome is he did his job and didn’t have any future agenda. It’s well deserved that the Cubs came calling and recognized a future manager. I’m pumped for him.”