Can the Cubs reach the playoffs? Tom Ricketts thinks so

Can the Cubs reach the playoffs? Tom Ricketts thinks so
February 20, 2014, 7:15 pm
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CSN Staff

The owner of a baseball team should believe his team can reach the playoffs every year, but with the records the Cubs have finished recent seasons with, it's hard to look at Tom Ricketts' proclamation Wednesday as anything but a bold statement.

The SportsTalk Live panel discussed the Cubs' chairman's claim that he believes the North Siders can compete for a playoff spot this season, a year after the team's fourth consecutive fifth-place finish.

"What he should have said is, 'I hope we have a team that works hard, plays together, improves every week and good things will happen.' That's what you say,"'s Jon Greenberg said. "Two years ago, Theo (Epstein), Opening Day, I was in a scrum and we asked him a similar-type question. He goes, 'I think we're going to have a very compelling team this year. I think people are going to love watching this team play.' They lost 101 games. Now we knew this wasn't a compelling team. I think he's got to find a balance of not insulting his fans and not insulting his team. And there's a balance there in the middle."

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What do you think of Ricketts' suggestion that the Cubs could make the postseason?

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