Cubs or Sox: Who makes it back to the postseason first?

Cubs or Sox: Who makes it back to the postseason first?
August 21, 2013, 8:45 pm
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Chicago baseball has had a rough summer.

With the Cubs and the White Sox both dead last in their respective divisions by a long shot, the postseason is a distant memory.

However, SportsTalk Live posed an interesting question: Which team will make it back to the playoffs first, the Cubs or the Sox?

Chris DeLuca from the Chicago Sun-Times went with the Cubs.

"There are enough promising signs on the Cubs. Junior Lake is really intriguing. I think Castro has a lot of upside. We have to remember that he's 23," DeLuca said.

As for the South Siders?

"The White Sox have a lot of holes to fill," says DeLuca.

Peter Brown from Yahoo! Sports Radio politely disagreed. He said the White Sox are more likely to shell out the money needed to build a promising future.

"They're also in the weaker half," said Brown of the White Sox playing in the American League. "The likelihood that the Cubs make the playoffs is slimmer than the White Sox."

Harry Teinowitz, with the deciding vote, chose the Cubs as the Chicago baseball team to make it back to the playoffs first.

As Teinowitz said, "There's a lot more in the Cubs minor league system. Look, they've got studs in the minor league system."

So, Cubs or White Sox? Who do you have back in the postseason first?