Dan Patrick not completely sold on Cubs rebuild

Dan Patrick not completely sold on Cubs rebuild
August 20, 2013, 7:00 pm
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Vinnie Duber

How long a wait is too long?

That was Dan Patrick's general feeling when he was asked about the Cubs' rebuilding effort. The radio host and long-time sports personality joined SportsTalk Live on Tuesday, and David Kaplan wanted to see what Patrick had to say about the plan Theo Epstein is attempting to execute on the North Side.

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"Fans, I think, just want to see the light at the end of the tunnel," Patrick said. "We've seen this with certain franchises where you're bad, you're getting good, you're good, you're getting very good, now you have the chance to be great. You move that evolution, that process that you have. It's tough for Cubs fans to feel that it's two steps forward, two steps back.

"There's only so much fun you can have at Wrigley before you say, 'Who's the fool here, and are we being taken advantage of here with our loyalty? We want to be compensated.' I hope that they have a bigger plan, a better plan."

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One of Patrick's criticisms revolved around the apparent lack of cornerstones when it comes to the Cubs current big league roster, particularly with the recent and much-publicized struggles of Starlin Castro.

"Who is your guy — or guys — and how are you going to surround them to move into the stratosphere with some of these other good teams in baseball?" Patrick said. "I have great confidence in Theo, but I've been down this road many times before with not only the Cubs but other teams."