The exact point where Cubs fans and White Sox fans meet

The exact point where Cubs fans and White Sox fans meet
April 26, 2014, 11:00 am
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CSN Staff

Cubs fans on the North Side. Sox fans on the South Side.

That description is just too vague, don't you think?

Well, like Indiana Jones digging up some mythical artifact, the folks at The New York Times have uncovered the exact line in the Chicagoland area that divides Cubs from Sox:

And if that picture from the Times isn't detailed enough for you, they provided this handy link where you can see the percentage of Cubs and Sox fans by zip code.

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It's all part of a pretty amazing map you could spend hours playing around with. Using data from Facebook, you can now see the percentage of fans of certain teams in any given zip code. And this isn't just in disputed areas with multiple teams like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. It's the entire country.

Some of the Times' more interesting nationwide findings include the fact that every part of New York City prefers the Yankees to the Mets, just like every part of the Bay Area prefers the Giants to the A's. You can also check out the exact spot in the middle of Illinois that Cubs Nation becomes Cardinals Country. And discover the hodgepodge that is the state of Ohio, with a whole handful of teams — including the Cubs — staking claims to being a certain zip code's favorite.

Again, the map is a ton of fun if you're into this kind of stuff — what is Alaska's favorite team?!? — but the most locally noteworthy find is the Chicagoland area and it's no-longer mythical dividing line.