Frank Thomas spouts off on Sosa, McGwire and PEDs

Frank Thomas spouts off on Sosa, McGwire and PEDs
January 15, 2014, 12:15 pm
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CSN Staff

Frank Thomas has never shied away from his feelings on performance-enhancing drugs and how they shaped the game of baseball.

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But now that he's a Hall of Famer, Thomas is asked about PEDs at seemingly every turn, shedding even more light on his hard stance against the issue.

The Big Hurt joined "Jim Rome on Showtime" recently and discussed how Sammy Sosa, in particular, drew red flags with his newfound power in 1998.

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"I knew it was shady when Sammy Sosa hit 60," Thomas told Rome. "He was my teammate for three years coming up. The first three years, he was capable of only 25-27 home runs at most."

Thomas' career high in homers was 43 in 2000 and he averaged 36 per 162 games for his career.

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"With Sammy, there's no way he doubled me up," Thomas said. "But Mark McGwire, you really had to take a look at him. He hit 48 home runs as a rookie...He closed the gap easier from 48 to 70 rather than 25 to 60."