Get to know Ron Coomer: Q&A with the Cubs' new radio voice

Get to know Ron Coomer: Q&A with the Cubs' new radio voice
February 8, 2014, 1:30 pm
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Tony Andracki

With Keith Moreland stepping down as Cubs radio analyst, Pat Hughes will have a new partner in 2014 — Ron Coomer.

Coomer is a Chicago native, born in Crest Hill, Ill., and an alum of Lockport Township High School. After a nine-year big-league career — including a stint with the Cubs in 2001 — Coomer, 47, has worked as a TV and radio analyst for the Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis.

Coomer was back in town for the Cubs Convention in January, where he was introduced to fans for the first time as the WGN Radio analyst.

Q: What do you think of the Convention, having not taken part in one in a few years?

A: It's the same -- very crazy. It just shows you the desire of Cubs fans and how much they love the Cubs. There's nothing like this in the country. No other team has a Convention that's this involved. It's a fun weekend.

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Q: Are you looking forward to the new job?

A: I am; I really am. I'm really excited about being part of our group with Pat and the group that works with WGN Radio. When you grew up in this town, you grew up listening to WGN Radio and watching the Cubs on WGN. To be a part of all that history, to say Wrigley Field is going to be your new office is great. I got to do it once, now I get to do it again, so it's really cool."

Q: What will it be like working with Pat Hughes?

A: I'm going to try to jump in his wake and follow along. Pat's one of those guys that is phenomenal at what he does, obviously. He's going to be a Hall of Fame broadcaster. He's a great person. I've known him for a long time. You always want to work with good people first and foremost and then things can take care of themselves. That's the way I look at it with Pat. He's a great guy. I'm just really looking forward to that.

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Q: Will your Chicago roots help you out on the air?

A: Absolutely. I've got more memories of sitting in the stands or bleachers at Wrigley Field as a kid than I did as a player. It's a big advantage to understand what Cubs fans and this city is all about. I love this city. All my family is still here. Everybody is still here. I'm really going to embrace being back here in Chicago.

Q: What were your emotions when you got the call about the Cubs job?

A: It's crazy. I wasn't looking for a job. I was doing a radio show and doing TV in Minneapolis for the Twins. I didn't know, but when the Cubs job became available and I got a call from them, it's really cool. When that happens, you jump in and see what happens. A couple weeks later, I had the job, so it's exciting for my family.

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Q: Following in the footsteps of Ron Santo, will you have any crazy stories to tell on the radio?

A: I've got a few stories, but you've gotta wait to listen to them on air!