Instant replay will be another challenge for Cubs' Renteria

Instant replay will be another challenge for Cubs' Renteria
January 16, 2014, 6:15 pm
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Cubs fans will have another way to second-guess new manager Rick Renteria.

Major League Baseball unanimously approved expanded instant replay for the 2014 season, making the announcement on Thursday after quarterly ownership meetings in Paradise Valley, Ariz. The players’ union and the World Umpires Association also signed off on the new protocols.

Managers will get at least one challenge – and a maximum of two – per game. If any part of the play is overturned, then that manager will keep one more challenge. From the seventh inning on, a crew chief can invoke instant replay on any reviewable call.

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“You want to pick and choose when you want to use it,” Renteria said. “But the reality is I’m sure every ballclub in every city will set their dugouts and their little video areas so that they have the capability of being able to see things in real time and use it to their advantage. 

“You don’t want to waste a challenge. In the end, everybody’s trying to get the call right. It’s supposed to expedite the game a little bit, but we’ll see. It’s like anything – it’s kind of organic. It’s kind of ongoing and subject to change.”       

Home run and boundary calls will fall under the same procedures that were in place last season. But teams will now be able to show all replays on the stadium scoreboard.

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Bears fans loved to grumble about ex-coach Lovie Smith and the way he used his red flags. This isn’t quite the NFL – and Anthony Rizzo hadn’t heard about the final details – but the Cubs first baseman thinks the time is right for expanded replay.

“It will be good as far as getting the calls right,” Rizzo said. “There are so many cameras and people’s lives get ruined if they miss one call now. So I think it’s good for umpires and it’s good for the game.”