Jeff Passan discusses Cubs managerial search

Jeff Passan discusses Cubs managerial search
October 30, 2013, 9:45 pm
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CSN Staff

By Paul Roumeliotis

Yahoo Sports MLB columnist Jeff Passan shared his thoughts on Sports Talk Live on the Cubs managerial search.

So far, the Cubs have interviewed Rick Renteria and Brad Ausmus, both who don't have any managerial experience. Passan is okay with it under certain circumstances, but thinks the Cubs should go with someone who has more of a coaching background.

"Just as far as hiring a first time manager, with the Cubs a team that's rebuilding, I want a little bit of experience," said Passan. "I want a little bit of someone who knows how to coach the right things out of all of these young players.

"And so a guy like Rick Renteria, while he hasn't managed in the big leagues necessarily, he has been a coach there for a very long time, and if they are indeed looking for someone who is bilingual, which considering the number of players coming up -- who are from Spanish speaking countries -- makes sense. I think he is a guy who has really risen toward the top of that and I think he's the favorite to get the job right now."

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Renteria has been the bench coach for the San Diego Padres since 2011. On the other hand, Ausmus, 44, seems to be in a more difficult situation without seeing any time as a coach. Right now, Passan believes that Ausmus has the short end of the straw.

"(Chicago) is a big media market, it's a tough media market," he said. "Do you want to throw somebody in there with this franchise that has had the history that the Cubs have in order to grow on the job.

"You wonder if Brad Ausmus is the type of guy who could be a transitional manager -- or if there's a transitional manager put in place -- Ausmus could take over. I think that the Cubs thought Dale Sveum was going to be that guy, but obviously that didn't work out and you wonder if there are going to be a number of managerial hires before they really get the guy they want. I think Ausmus is risky and I think it would be a difficult thing for them to do at this point -- bringing on a guy who has no experience managing and/or coaching."