Mike Pullin is not just a pro at catching home run balls

Mike Pullin is not just a pro at catching home run balls
August 12, 2014, 6:45 pm
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CSN Staff

Mike Pullin credited his 31 years of softball experience for making an incredible catch in the Wrigley Field bleachers on Monday during the Cubs and Brewers game.

Pullin also showed off his arm by throwing the ball — after switching it out with a different ball — Mark Reynolds' homered with back into the outfield. It was pretty impressive for a 65-year-old.

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But what you may not have known about Pullin is that he's spent the majority of his life throwing underhand. As a professional bowler.

Pullin, a Rochelle, Ill. native, was inducted into the Illinois State Bowling Hall of Fame in 2012. He's bowled a 300 18 times and an 800 series 11 times. In 2000, he also made the TV finals and finished fifth at the Burnswick Senior Slam.

Below is a picture of Pullin in action in 2012.

(Photo courtesy of RRStar.com)

You can also check out Part I of Pullin at the PBA Brunswich Senior Slam in the video below.

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