MLB to adopt instant replay

MLB to adopt instant replay
August 15, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Tony Andracki

Instant replay has hit Major League Baseball.

The league announced Thursday instant replay will be implemented in games beginning next season and will affect almost every aspect of the game apart from balls and strikes.

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But that's not the main news, as MLB's plan to adopt a replay system has been expected for some time now.

After much debate, however, it appears the system will be predicated on a manager's challenge. Yes, just like in the NFL.

Baseball managers will get three challenges a game to throw out, with one challenge coming in the first six innings and two available in the final three frames. If a manager is correct in the challenge, they do not lose it. If they are incorrect, that particular challenge is then voided out.

No word yet on if they will have flags to throw on the field or have to simply walk out and tell the umpires they are challenging.

There's also no word yet whether a manager can carry over his first challenge, especially if he gets it right. And we don't know what happens if a manager forgets how many challenges he has left and accidentally uses one. Or what would happen in extra innings.

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But we do know there will be people in an office in New York that will have replay cameras at their disposal and will be manned by people with umpiring experience. According to USAToday's Bob Nightengale, those people will have the final call on disputed plays on the diamond.

Details figure to float in throughout the remainder of today as well as over the next couple of months and things are fine-tuned.