MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 12

MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 12
June 23, 2014, 7:30 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

There's not much separation outside of the top four in our rankings, which means over two-thirds of teams could conceivably make a playoff run. It also means teams like Boston, Pittsburgh and Atlanta can quickly lose or make up ground in the course of a week, with so many teams bunched together in the middle.

Who could challenge Detroit for the AL Central? Is Masahiro Tanaka enough to keep the Yankees in contention? How many more Rangers players will go on the disabled list in the next week? Stay with us every Monday for analysis and updated MLB Power Rankings from's Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz throughout the season.

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Rank J.J.  
Tony Comment
1 A's A's

JJ: Scott Kazmir, of all people, has been one of baseball's better starters this year (2.08 ERA, 2.98 FIP). 

Tony: Their + 135 run differential is just ridiculous. I'm sorry I put them 2nd ever.

2 Brewers Brewers

JJ: Winners of four in a row and with San Francisco's recent struggles get bumped up a few spots. 

Tony: This play shows the Brewers are on another level this year.
3 Giants Giants

JJ: Reeling as of late with the Dodgers lurking. 

Tony: Back-to-back wins may have them back on the right track.
4 Tigers Tigers

JJ: Rebounded nicely from a brutal series against Kansas City.

Tony: Justin Verlander's struggles have gotten to the "extremely concerning" range, even after one good start.
5 Blue Jays Blue Jays

JJ: Have slipped recently and all of a sudden only have a 1.5-game lead in AL Eeast entering the week. 

Tony: Injuries to Lawrie, Bautista could be a huge blow.
6 Dodgers Angels

JJ: Starting rotation starting to shine through. No hitters help, of course. 

Tony: Streaking toward the top of AL Wild Card race and they should stay there.
7 Angels Dodgers

JJ: Look like a playoff team despite Albert Pujols' disappointing play and albatross contract.

Tony: Clayton Kershaw is historically good.
8 Cardinals Cardinals

JJ: Shoulder issues are nothing to sneeze at, so losing Garcia and Wacha to them is concerning.

Tony: Wacha injury very scary. Shoulder injuries tend to persist.
9 Nationals Nationals

JJ: Slowly but surely beginning to grasp control of the NL East, with Bryce Harper's return on the horizon. 

Tony: Bryce Harper could be back next week.
10 Mariners Royals

JJ: Felix Hernandez (4.4 WAR) has been baseball's best pitcher this year and it's not even close. 

Tony: Billy Butler is coming around FINALLY.
11 Royals Orioles

JJ: Can't fall flat like they did vs. Seattle and expect to contend this year. 

Tony: Last year's deal for Bud Norris an underrated transaction.
12 Orioles Mariners

JJ: Boy, if they can ever get Chris Davis going...

Tony: Cano signing looking OK right now, but they still are in dire need of offensive help.
13 Yankees Pirates

JJ: Only AL team over .500 with a negative run differential.

Tony: Looking like a playoff team lately.
14 Reds Reds

JJ: Billy Hamilton (2.4 WAR) has been a top-25 player this year. 

Tony: So Billy Hamilton CAN hit, huh?
15 Marlins Braves

JJ: They have a number of good pieces for the future, but should they risk mortgaging that talent at the deadline? 

Tony: Their downward spiral has them at -14 run differential. 
16 Braves Yankees

JJ: Tough break for Gavin Floyd, who was having a fine year before fracturing his elbow.  

Tony: Struggles from Soriano, McCann, Beltran, Jeter starting to become worrisome.
17 Pirates Indians

JJ: Won't make a run unless starting rotation stabilizes.

Tony: Hey, Nick Swisher almost has his AVG to .200.
18 Twins Marlins

JJ: Seeing some good positives for the future (like Brian Dozier) for a rebuilding club.

Tony: Hope they get Yelich back soon. He's a good young player.

19 Indians Twins

JJ: Had a chance to make some noise in AL Central and instead got swept at home vs. Detroit. 

Tony: Crazy they're doing this well with Mauer doing so poorly.
20 Mets Red Sox

JJ: Bartolo Colon's double last week was his first hit since the year the White Sox won the World Series. 

Tony: They're on something of a comeback journey.
21 Red Sox Rangers

JJ: Mike Napoli did something pretty amazing on Sunday. 

Tony: Well, they got to .500 before a 5-game losing streak.
22 Rockies White Sox

JJ: Losers of six games in a row entering the week after scraping .500 beginning it.

Tony: They're the worst team in the majors over the last week-and-a-half.
23 White Sox Mets

JJ: Good-bad-good-bad series trend continues vs. San Francisco (good) and Minnesota (bad). 

Tony: 2 HRs for Wright in the last week is a good sign.
24 Rangers Rockies

JJ: Maybe it's time to put Yu Darvish in bubble wrap and rest up for 2015. 

Tony: Starting to look like they'll be sellers at the deadline.
25 Cubs Cubs

JJ: Starlin Castro in June: .313/.253/.575, 13 XBH. 

Tony: We all know they'll be sellers, which is a shame because they're playing very well the last month or so.
26 Phillies Phillies

JJ: Wonder if them being only five games out in NL East means they won't sell at the deadline.  

Tony: Been playing a bit better since Cubs series.
27 Astros Astros

JJ: Fun with small sample sizes: Reliever Kevin Chapman is averaging 15 strikeouts, 17 walks and 5 home runs per 9 IP.

Tony: Starting to make a run at that No. 1 pick again.
28 Padres Rays

JJ: Didn't think they'd be good, but didn't think they've be this bad. As such, Josh Byrnes gets the boot. 

Tony: At least they're not at the bottom anymore...
29 Diamondbacks Padres

JJ: The White Sox are still winning the Mark Trumbo/Hector Santiago/Adam Eaton trade.

Tony: This has been an ugly season in such a beautiful city.
30 Rays Diamondbacks

JJ: They're bad, but not as bad as the USA drawing with Portugal on Sunday. 

Tony: Worst run differential in MLB earns them this spot.