MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 2

MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 2
April 14, 2014, 7:00 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Baseball is back in full force and the first couple weeks have been jam-packed with the typical craziness we've become accustomed to in Major League Baseball. The standings - and by extension the Power Rankings - are rounding into form.

And with the start of the regular season comes another year of MLB Power Rankings from's Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz. Stay tuned for updated rankings every Monday throughout the 2014 campaign. We'll try to do this without blowing out our arms, since that's become such a trend lately.

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Rank J.J.  
Tony Comment
1 Dodgers Brewers

JJ: Give it another week for me to put Milwaukee here. For now, think Los Angeles is baseball's best team.

Tony: How can you put MLB's hottest team any lower?

2 Brewers Dodgers

JJ: Averaging about 2.5 runs allowed per game. Gallardo, Garza and Lohse + K-Rod at the back = magic so far.

Tony: Dee Gordon could be a key to this team.
3  Braves Cardinals

JJ: Justin Upton (4 HR to begin the week) is off to a trademark hot start, but can he keep it up?

Tony: Wacha proving last postseason wasn't a fluke.
4 Cardinals Braves

JJ: A Cardinals fan argued why his fellow fans should root for the Cubs last weekend -- longtime rivalry could use a spark.

Tony: Only Oakland and Milwaukee have given up fewer runs.
5 Giants Nationals

JJ: Madison Bumgarner's bat flip on his grand slam was a 10/10.

Tony: When their pitching catches up to their O, they'll be unstoppable.
6 A's Tigers

JJ: Scott Kazmir has a 1.40 ERA through three starts. It is 2014.

Tony: .307 team OBP won't get it done.
7 Tigers A's

JJ: Miguel Cabrera's slow start not a worry yet, though just one homer and a .225 on-base percentage aren't exactly ideal numbers.

Tony: Scott Kazmir is back in a big way. Hopefully triceps injury isn't a big deal.
8 Nationals Giants

JJ: Stephen Strasburg's last start: 6.2 IP, 1 ER, 1 BB, 12 K. I think he's OK.

Tony: Brandon Belt is going to emerge as a star.
9 Pirates Pirates

JJ: Only the Cubs and Padres have scored fewer runs among NL teams, but they're pitching well. Not much has chnaged.

Tony: 4-2 against the Cubs, 2-4 against everybody else.
10 Rays Rays

JJ: Injuries could put a lot of stress on David Price, Chris Archer and that entire bullpen.

Tony: Hard to rank them among MLB's elite without Moore, Cobb.
11 Red Sox White Sox

JJ: Not selling them after 13 games but also not exactly an inspiring start at 5-8 entering the week.

Tony: Love the offense, even without Avisail Garcia.
12 Mariners Mariners

JJ: First-week stars Justin Smoak and Brad Miller have cooled off considerably.

Tony: Their pitching staff is unreal right now.
13 Rangers Angels

JJ: Let's see if getting Colby Lewis back can help push them away from a mediocre start.

Tony: Hamilton injury is a big blow.
14 Yankees Red Sox

JJ: Can't imagine a geriatric roster will hang around over 162 games, but for now looking pretty solid.

Tony: Bringing up the rear in the AL East...
15 White Sox Rangers

JJ: Notorious slow starter Alexei Ramirez has been one of baseball's best players through two weeks.

Tony: Don't worry, Prince Fielder will turn things around.
16 Blue Jays Yankees

JJ: Jose Bautista has five home runs on nine hits so far.

Tony: Ellsbury and Beltran look like great additions so far.
17 Indians Indians

JJ: Gotta get Justin Masterson (nine walks in 15 1/3 IP) under control.

Tony: They've struck out 128 batters in 113.1 innings.
18 Angels Reds

JJ: Shame Josh Hamilton got hurt -- he was off to a fine start (.444/.545/.741, 2 HR).

Tony: Billy Hamilton is damn fun to watch.
19 Rockies Blue Jays

JJ: Michael Cuddyer had a .272 batting average in 11 years with Minnesota; since joining Colorado he's hitting .304.

Tony: Jose Bautista and Melky Cabrera combined have 9 times as many HRs as KC.
20 Royals Royals

JJ: Doubles machine Billy Butler doesn't have an extra-base hit yet.

Tony: Their offense is a disaster right now. But at least they have a homer.
21 Orioles Orioles

JJ: The early returns on Ubaldo Jimenez (10 BB, 13 ER in 16 IP) aren't encouraging.

Tony: Delmon Young is still around?
22 Reds Rockies

JJ: Uninspiring start to the season, despite Billy Hamilton's general awesomeness.

Tony: I could see 'em hanging around .500 all year.
23 Phillies Phillies

JJ: About as tenuous a .500 record entering this week as there is in baseball. 

Tony: Chase Utley has a 1.440 OPS.
24 Padres Twins

JJ: The Gyrk Store called, and they're running out of multi-year deals.

Tony: Entered the week at .500 with 3rd-most runs score in majors. Huh.
25 Marlins Padres

JJ: Aaaaaand there's the regression back to about what we expected.

Tony: Their pitching is great, but offense might be MLB's worst.
26 Mets Cubs

JJ: Consider this your monthly "nuts, I miss Matt Harvey" comment.

Tony: Super Emilio is all the way down to .392 now?
27 Diamondbacks Mets

JJ: At this rate, they may not be able to dig out of the hole they're digging themselves.

Tony: Don't you dare touch Curtis Granderson when he's playing baseball.
28 Twins Marlins

JJ: Showing good fight early on, but tough to see it lasting as rebuild continues.

Tony: Early-season high certainly didn't last long.
29 Cubs Astros

JJ: Closer problems that don't involve Carlos Marmol, or Kevin Gregg, or Rick Aguilera...

Tony: Remember when they opened the season 2-0?
30 Astros Diamondbacks

JJ: Ex-Cub Scott Feldman has a 0.44 ERA through three starts.

Tony: Only team with double-digit losses; by far worst run differential in the league.