MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 4

MLB Power Rankings: 2014 Week 4
April 28, 2014, 6:15 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Alright, it's been almost a month. Can we consider the Milwaukee Brewers the best team in baseball yet?

But it's Monday, which means the time for the weekly MLB Power Rankings from's Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz. Stay tuned for updated rankings every Monday throughout the 2014 campaign. And no, we don't need Tommy John surgery (yet).

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Rank J.J.  
Tony Comment
1 Braves Brewers

JJ: Aaron Harang has an 0.85 ERA through five starts. Pretty impressive for a guy cut by Cleveland in late March.

Tony: They've been snakebitten with some weird injuries, but continue to rise above it all.

2 Brewers Braves

JJ: Carlos Gomez did a nice job ruining the ridiculous narrative over the weekend.

Tony: They're allowing just 2.4 runs per game. Unreal.
3 A's A's

JJ: Josh Donaldson looks like an MVP contender again: 7 HR, 1.4 WAR through 25 games.

Tony: Best pitching staff in AL and timely hitting makes for a great equation.
4 Giants Giants

JJ: Matt Cain's struggled recently, but if he's pitching well along with Tim Hudson and Madison Bumgarner these guys are going to be tough to beat.

Tony: Morse addition, Belt emergence makes this a surprisingly scary lineup.
5 Rangers Rangers

JJ: Adrian Beltre's back and they're playing some good ball. Looks like they've successfully navigated all those preseason injuries.

Tony: Think they'll start to pull away in AL when they put it all together.
6 Cardinals Tigers

JJ: If you went to Mizzou (as I did), this picture will warm your heart. If not, sorry for the wasted comment. Larry!

Tony: Leading the Central and we haven't even scratched the surface of what they're capable of yet.
7 Tigers Cardinals

JJ: Sunday rainout means they'll start Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer in two-game series vs. Sox this week.

Tony: Surprisingly slow start to the season for such a premier organization.
8 Yankees Dodgers

JJ: It might be time to learn who Yangervis Solarte (.301/.400/.450) is.

Tony: 6-9 home record won't cut it.
9 Dodgers Nationals

JJ: Not playing to their potential, but hey, they got off to an even slower start last year too.

Tony: How will they rise above the Harper injury, especially if he misses a couple months?
10 Nationals Yankees

JJ: Oof. That's bad for the Nationals, sure, but sucks for baseball in general too.

Tony: The start of the crapshoot that is the middle of the pack.
11 Rockies Royals

JJ: There's not much separating Colorado from the next 11 or 12 teams, it should be noted.

Tony: If they can maintain quality pitching, their offense will come around.
12 Royals Blue Jays

JJ: Yordano Ventura, man.

Tony: This doesn't look like a team that will finally make the postseason.
13 Blue Jays White Sox

JJ: Brandon Morrow kinda took the phrase "effectively wild" to an extreme on Saturday.

Tony: Yes it's early, but Jose Abreu is already an MVP candidate.
14 Angels Angels

JJ: Run differential shows they're underperforming, but it's still a little early to make a far-reaching conclusion from that.

Tony: Glad Pujols is back to his old form. Baseball is better with him.
15 Red Sox Orioles

JJ: Grady Sizemore's comeback has gone from good to bad: He's only hitting .208/.275/.361 and has been worth a team-worst -0.6 WAR.

Tony: Chris Davis injury a big blow to a team with little wiggle room.
16 Orioles Red Sox

JJ: Lose Chris Davis to injury, though he only had two home runs in 22 games.

Tony: Peavy, Lester have been very good, but rest of starters have struggled
17 White Sox Rockies

JJ: Jose Abreu is breaking just about every power record there is for the month of April.

Tony: Back to the Rockies of old: Hitting but not pitching.
18 Reds Reds

JJ: Still need more out of Billy Hamilton.

Tony: Just don't think they have enough pieces to get it done this year.
19 Rays Rays

JJ: Witnessed their four-error inning against the White Sox on Sunday and man, that was bad.

Tony: They need Price and Archer to be much, much better to make up for absence of Moore, Cobb.
20 Twins Pirates

JJ: 30-year-old Chris Colabello is playing his first full season in the majors...and is third in MLB with 27 RBIs so far.

Tony: Starling Marte has taken a step back: On pace for 231 Ks and has just a .612 OPS.
21 Mets Twins

JJ: They're 14-11 entering the week despite having zero position players with more than 0.5 WAR.

Tony: Chris Colabello has been one of the best stories in baseball this season.
22 Pirates Mets

JJ: At 10-16, have as many losses as the Cubs entering the week.

Tony: How the heck did they get 3 games above .500?
23 Phillies Indians

JJ: You know, the guys who won them the World Series six years ago are playing well again...but can it last?

Tony: Swisher (.629 OPS), Cabrera (.623), Santana (.496) killing this team right now.
24 Mariners Phillies

JJ: Starting to show there's not enough around Cano to contend, especially with Oakland and Texas in that division.

Tony: Utley, Howard, Rollins have returned to form, but it hasn't helped Phils' record.
25 Indians Mariners

JJ: Ryan Raburn has done some serious regression -- OBP dropped from .357 last year to .241 entering the week.

Tony: Drawn the fewest walks (59) in the majors.
26 Padres Padres

JJ: Not exactly an inspiring start for Jedd Gyorko: .144/.218/.211 after signing that six-year, $35 million deal.

Tony: Scored 16 fewer runs than the next closest team in MLB.
27 Marlins Marlins

JJ: Nathan Eovaldi (2.87 ERA, 2.13 FIP) developing nicely along with Jose Fernandez and Henderson Alvarez.

Tony: Jose Fernandez is an absolute monster.
28 Cubs Cubs

JJ: Deposed closer Jose Veras is averaging 15.88 walks per nine innings.

Tony: 2nd-worst record in baseball, but only a -13 run differential.
29 Diamondbacks Astros

JJ: Noted Liverpool supporter Brandon McCarthy's best start of the season came after Liverpool lost to Chelsea. Hopefully that trend continues! (I'm a Manchester City fan.)

Tony: Only the D-Backs and White Sox have given up more runs.
30 Astros Diamondbacks

JJ: Small sample size, but they have eight pitchers with an ERA over 6.00 on their staff.

Tony: Starters have 6.15 ERA. Next closest in NL? Colorado with 4.27 SP ERA.