Dana White Criticizes Georges St-Pierre's Trainer


Dana White Criticizes Georges St-Pierre's Trainer

Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010
2:27 PM

Dana White has recently been vocal on how he feels about the GregJackson camp. Dustin Green talked with the UFC President and this iswhat he told CSNWashington.com.

"I have a lot of respect forGreg Jackson," White said. "It's not like I dislike like him or I'mtrying to say something bad about him, but there's a pattern there. Thegame plans they come up with and a lot of the corner work is veryweird."

He continues...

"You'll see guys who aretraditionally exciting fighters, but when they go to the Greg Jacksoncamp they become safety first fighters," White said. "For NateMarquardt to leave the octagon that night feeling like he won, yourcorner did you wrong." "Why wouldn't you tell him 'go for broke in thisthird round. This is a close fight.'"

"At the end of the day, myopinion means nothing," he said. "I'm not their corner man. I'm not thetrainer. I'm just the promoter. I'm just being honest. There'sobviously some consistency there with the Jackson camp with the safetyfirst."

Do you think Greg Jackson's fighter play it too safe in the octagon? Leave your thoughts.

Blackhawks Notes: Coaching changes and Marcus Kruger’s status

Blackhawks Notes: Coaching changes and Marcus Kruger’s status

Coach Joel Quenneville didn’t mince words. Finding out his good friend, former assistant coach Mike Kitchen was fired not long after the Blackhawks’ postseason ended, frustrated him.

“That day, I was not happy. I was a little disappointed,” Quenneville said on Thursday. “We lost a great coach and somebody I had been working with for a long time. It was tough and we’ve moved on now, but I wasn’t excited at the moment.”

In moving on the Blackhawks have revamped their coaching staff, adding another old friend and teammate of Quenneville’s in Ulf Samuelsson and a former member of his St. Louis staff in Don Granato. Quenneville said Samuelsson will take over Kitchen’s responsibilities while Granato will handle a number of tasks.

“Whether he’s pre-scout, helping Kevin [Dineen], helping Ulfie, helping me. He’s helping the young guys like Stan [Bowman] said,” Quenneville said. “We have input with all areas and all coaches and it’s a fun thing, drawing up practices or talking to guys, preparing meetings and evaluating performances. But I think he’s excited to be a part of that as well and Ulfie, he’ll be doing something he’s been doing and he’s excited to work with some of our defense as well.”

As far as the Blackhawks’ defensive style, Quenneville doesn’t foresee it changing.

“I think there are some areas how it ended or after a playoff series, there’s always some tweaks we like to do in games, in playoffs or in series," Quenneville said. "It’s obviously disappointing. But I think there’s a lot of positive things we accomplished last year and how we played without the puck, I don’t think that was too much of an issue.

"But we have a defense that can play both ways and we still want offense from our defensive part of our game. That’d be one of our strengths. But when it’s time to defend, how we want to play in our own end without the puck is something that’ll be very close to how we play.”

Kruger’s situation

There’s been plenty of talk regarding Marcus Kruger, and whether or not he’ll remain with the Blackhawks. Whatever the future holds for the center, general manager Stan Bowman wouldn’t say on Thursday.

“Yeah, there have been a lot of these rumors around, but Marcus is no different than any other player. I’m not going to comment on rumors out there, but people are stating it as if it’s a fact,” Bowman said of Kruger being at the center of trade rumors. “There’s a lot of speculation, but it’s not fair to the players for me to be commenting on what’s been rumored out there. I don’t really have anything to add on that front.”

Trevor van Riemsdyk was Vegas’ selection in Wednesday night’s expansion draft. But a source said it’s still possible the Blackhawks trade Kruger to the Golden Knights.