Alligator pays visit to Chicago Fire practice

Alligator pays visit to Chicago Fire practice
February 14, 2013, 6:15 pm
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The Chicago Fire travel all the way to North Charleston, South Carolina for their offseason training, where Charleston Southern University allows them to use their facilities for practice and preseason games.

But recent heavy rains rendered the fields unusable on Thursday, and forced the team to hold their training session at nearby Blackbaud Stadium, where a unique visitor stopped by to watch practice.

That visitor was an alligator.

According to Jeff Crandall from, the practice fields outside the stadium run adjacent to a pond dotted with alligator warnings. From that pond emerged an alligator, which sat itself behind one of the goals and watched the team as they went through their entire 90-minute practice.

No wayward shots sailed over the fence, so the team and staff never reached the point of drawing straws to see who would voyage to get the ball back.

Video of the alligator's visit can be found at the team website.