Will Cristiano Ronaldo start against U.S.?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo start against U.S.?
June 18, 2014, 2:45 pm
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All eyes are back on Cristiano Ronaldo's knee. According to Spanish reporter Jose Felix Dias, Dr. Noronha has advised Ronaldo to quit the World Cup and rest his knee.

An MRI taken on Saturday prior to Portugal's game against Germany showed that Ronaldo again has patellar tendonitis on his left knee and that it could tear at any time. The more effort the Portuguese captain puts on his knee, the more it swells. The risk is high as the damage could turn irreversible.

But Ronaldo is not listening to anyone. He ignored his doctor's advice and jumped on the field against Germany where he was noticeably not at his full capacity.

Ronaldo left Portugal's training early today just like he did last week. He walked off the field with an ice-pack on his left knee after an individual training session with the team's physiotherapist.

Will he start against the US?