Frankie O for F.I.R.S.T.!!

Frankie O for F.I.R.S.T.!!

Friday, Aug. 27, 2010
9:32 AM

By Frankie O

In life, like sports, some very unexpected things can happen. One such thing for me was when my son was born seven years ago. Any child will change the path of your life, with Ben it was even more so. Ben was born with an ichthyosis. Whats an ichthyosis? How much time do you have? An ichthyosis is part of a family of genetic skin disorders characterized by dry, thickened, scaling skin.

There over twenty types that differ by their underlying genetic cause, outward appearance andor mode of inheritance. They are as common as occurring during 1 in 250 births, to happening in 1 in 100,000. Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis (EHK) is what my son has and is one of the more rare ones. Why am I telling you about this? Well when a disease or disorder is very rare in occurrence, there tends not to be enough money or resources available to combat it. For me and my family, and many more in our situation, our savior has been the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types: F.I.R.S.T. This organization provides medical services, research, social networking and HOPE for those affected by these diseases. I cant stress how much this organization has meant to me and my family. Again, how does this affect you? Well, theres a way you can help and maybe have the time of your life too.

Frankie O presents:


If youre a fan of Notre Dame football, (and honestly, who isnt? Did I say honestly or ironically? Enough about my rooting interests later!) this is your ultimate dream package!

For the Notre Dame vs. Michigan football game on September 11th at 3:30 PM (game 2 of the Kelly era!!)

I have a package that includes:

4 game tickets

A certificate for 4 pre-game sideline passes

A certificate for a Tour for 4 of the Football Stadium Locker Room

A certificate for a football personalized and autographed by ND Head Coach Brian Kelly

How do you win? I will be conducting a raffle with 100 tickets. Thats it 100! When have you been in a raffle with that kind of package with those good of odds? Tickets are only 50.00!

Tickets will be sold, by me, on a first come first served basis. Also, you can buy as many as you would like. I will arrive an hour before my shifts (I will also sell them at any other time, just e-mail me for details) in the next two weeks to sell them until they are gone.
The raffle winner will be announced on my Twitter account (@realfrankieo) on Wednesday, September 8th. I will contact the winner directly by e-mail at that time. We together will make all the necessary arrangements on Thursday the 9th to ensure a fantastic time at the game and in South Bend.

At any time you can e-mail me with any questions at:

My shifts at the bar will be: Sat 828 4-cl, Sun 829 4-cl, Tues. 831 4-cl, Wed 91 4-cl, Friday 93 10-6, Sat 94 4-cl, Tues 97 4-cl and Wed 98 4-cl.

Come in and say hello, and buy some tickets!

Raiders' move to Las Vegas approved by NFL owners: When's Bears' first trip to Sin City?

Raiders' move to Las Vegas approved by NFL owners: When's Bears' first trip to Sin City?

The Oakland Raiders won't be the Oaklnad Raiders for much longer.

NFL owners approved by a 31-1 vote Monday the Raiders' move to Las Vegas, meaning Sin City will soon have its own NFL team.

With the Raiders playing in the AFC, the move doesn't affect the Bears much. But there eventually will be a road trip to Nevada.

When's the first time the Bears could play in Vegas?

Now, that's contingent on a couple things.

First, the NFL needs to keep its current scheduling model, which pits certain divisions against one another every few seasons.

Second, will the Raiders even be playing in Vegas by 2019?

A new stadium needs to be built, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday that the Raiders will stay in Oakland for the 2017 and 2018 seasons, potentially getting to Vegas for the 2019 season — when the Bears could play there in the team's inaugural campaign in the desert. But a new stadium might not be done by then, keeping the Raiders in Vegas another season. Or, maybe the Raiders could play where UNLV plays.

Whether it's two years down the road or more, there will one day be a Bears road trip to Vegas, one it's fairly certain Chicago fans will be interested in joining.

Archie Miller a good hire at Indiana, but his promotion to the big time comes with big-time expectations


Archie Miller a good hire at Indiana, but his promotion to the big time comes with big-time expectations

Archie Miller is the new Indiana head basketball coach, and while that gives Indiana the big splash it wanted for Tom Crean's successor, it remains to be seen whether it will please the Indiana fan base and its monster-sized expectations.

Miller is a great get for the Hoosiers, a guy who's taken the Dayton Flyers to four straight NCAA tournaments, including an Elite Eight appearance in 2014, a round the Hoosiers themselves haven't reached in 15 years. Miller has Big Ten experience, a former Thad Matta assistant at Ohio State, and he has experience recruiting in Big Ten Country.

He's been in line for a promotion from the A-10 to a major-conference program for a couple years now, and he was one of the biggest names at that level that Indiana or any other major-conference program looking for a new coach could have snagged.

But weren't Indiana fans expecting Steve Alford to come back to Bloomington?

Keeping in line with the enormous expectations this fan base always seems to have for this program, the internet was hoping athletics director Fred Glass could woo the former Indiana star back to his alma mater, pry him away from the most tradition-rich program in the country to spearhead a rebuilding effort for the team that finished tied for 10th in the Big Ten standings this season.

Those hopes seemed pretty unrealistic from the beginning — though it is difficult to argue with the immense financial attractiveness any Big Ten program has — but a perfect example of the kind of expectations that await Miller.

Marquette is plenty of distance up the college-basketball ladder from Dayton, but it was Crean, too, who made a career leap to the Hoosiers almost a decade ago. Crean's nine-year tenure featured some program-saving digging out from the horrendous spot Kelvin Sampson left things in. It also featured two outright Big Ten championships and three seasons of 27 or more wins. But all that couldn't keep the crushing expectations off Crean's shoulders, and one season after he won a conference title in one of the toughest conference's in college hoops, he was out.

Crean's kind of success wasn't good enough at Indiana. Will Miller's be?

Of course there was inconsistency that accompanied Crean's winning. The Hoosiers were just two wins above .500 this season, the same thing that was true a season after Indiana earned a No. 1 seed in the 2013 NCAA tournament. The two winningest seasons during Crean's tenure were followed by years in which Indiana didn't make the NCAA tournament. Not the kind of trajectory a program expecting a national championship wants to see, hence his firing.

But that goes to show how tough the task is in Bloomington, not necessarily when it comes to building a winner but when it comes to pleasing the folks in this basketball-loving state.

That's Miller's job now, and there likely won't be too long of a honeymoon period. Miller won at the lower levels of college basketball, winning 102 games over the past four seasons, but the Big Ten is a different animal. Another former Matta assistant, John Groce, found that out over his five seasons at Illinois. After getting hired off a Sweet Sixteen run at Ohio, Groce made the NCAA tournament just once in his five seasons in Champaign, the reason for the Big Ten's other coaching change this offseason.

Miller comes to Indiana with a better resume than Groce brought to Illinois — the A-10 is a much better league on an annual basis than the MAC, and Miller did more consistent winning over a longer stretch — but with a similar challenge ahead of him. Illini fans soured on Groce relatively quick, with questions about his job status lingering for a couple of years before he was fired earlier this month. Certainly Crean was never free from questions about his job status during his time in Bloomington, not even getting them to go away with a Big Ten championship last season. Will Hoosier fans treat Miller any differently if a deep tournament run doesn't come in one of Miller's first few seasons?

Of course, that all comes with the territory of being a college basketball coach, and Miller knows that well from his time as a major-conference assistant and with his brother the head coach at Arizona. But now he has to live it every day.

Miller is a great hire by Glass. It's time to find out if Indiana and its sky-high expectations make for a great landing spot for Miller.