Can Phil Mickelson win the U.S. Open?

Can Phil Mickelson win the U.S. Open?
June 11, 2014, 11:00 pm
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CSN Staff

Phil Mickelson has never won the U.S. Open. Could that change this weekend?

If Mickelson was to win the U.S. Open, he'd become the sixth man ever to win the career grand slam. But he's going to need to start playing better if he wants to make it happen.

"He comes in here with some obvious questions about his golf game and some obvious distractions which have been talked about ad infinitum in the media," said Brandel Chamblee, Golf Central's PGA Tour analyst. "The distractions aside, he comes in here not playing as bad as everybody seems to think. He did finish 11th at Memphis, he's had a number of decent finishes, not spectacular by his fashion, certainly, but decent enough where you think he's not that far off his game. I think he can hit it straight enough, I think he can iron it well enough, I think he can chip well enough, but can he make those short putts? That's been the problem, and today, we've seen that he's gone to a different putting method."

"Phil is currently ranked 11th in the world, so the biggest problem for Phil is there are 10 guys ranked higher and nine of them in the field with the absence of his nemesis, Tiger Woods not being here. But for Phil, he has to come up with something extra, something that he hasn't shown us so far this season, and it's the brilliance of old," said Frank Nobilo, Golf Central's PGA Tour analyst. "This week at Pinehurst, where he was runner up all the way back in 1999 to Payne Stewart, he has to find lighting in a bottle really for the first time in his career because this is a great chance for Phil because he knows the golf course. The golf course is a little wider than what it was in years gone by, which should actually suit his game. But he will have to find that magic."

Can Mickelson make golf history at Pinehurst?

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