Notre Dame, adidas unveil a more conservative look

Notre Dame, adidas unveil a more conservative look
August 5, 2013, 10:00 am
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Notre Dame's uniforms for its annual Shamrock Series game -- to be played Oct. 5 in Arlington, Texas against Arizona State -- are out, and the helmet is one solid color.

Notre Dame will wear white jerseys and white pants with the same Celtic numbering seen on last year's uniforms. There's plenty of green featured -- the outline of the numbers, the outline of the gold shamrock on both sleeves, the outline of the gold shamrock on the gold helmet, the outline of the gold shamrock on the pant leg, the undershirt featuring the Notre Dame logo, the gloves and the face mask are all Irish green.

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On first glance, it's a far more conservative uniform than what Notre Dame wore last year against Miami in Chicago. Those ones -- especially the multi-colored helmet -- invoked strong reactions from those both for and against the once-off look.

"Knute Rockne is rolling over in his grave and all that type of stuff," Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix relayed last year of what he had heard from fans regarding the uniforms. "I like them, personally, and I don't too much care about people's opinions because I have to play in them. I enjoy them, I think it's a good change-up. It's like once a year, so it's not really a big deal to me. I think they're real nice, so I can't wait to play in them."

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The general consensus on social media appeared far more positive toward the 2013 Shamrock Series look than the 2012 one, for what it's worth. But generating positive fan buzz isn't necessarily what Notre Dame is after -- these kind of uniforms do serve to attract recruits, and some players talked about gaining a little extra swagger wearing them last year.

"When you're dealing with 18-21 year olds, as it relates to how they dress, wearing that uniform or having that swag, or that look, it's an important part of that entertainment piece," coach Brian Kelly said last year. "And it's a very small part, because we know the bigger mission here is about academics and championships. But it's a piece now, with adidas, we're able to present to our players."