Notre Dame's Kelly expects 'imminent' contract extension

Notre Dame's Kelly expects 'imminent' contract extension

August 2, 2013, 12:45 pm
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Brian Kelly and Notre Dame agreed in principle to a contract extension last December, and the fourth-year Irish coach expects the deal to come together soon.

"We have no issues relative to contract, I have no issues, so that's not a story from my standpoint," Kelly said. "Contractually, we have a contract and an agreement, we have people that are paid money to look at these contracts and they look at them very closely, and they don't operate as quickly as I would like to."

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The December timeline is interesting, given it was around that time the Philadelphia Eagles began their courtship of Kelly. On Friday, Kelly said multiple times "there is no leverage play here," and reiterated his happiness with Notre Dame's leadership in giving "me the energy and excitement that we can continue to build and grow this football program for years to come."

At this point, Kelly said the last hurdle to clear before the contract will be finalized involves legal language -- nothing that could derail the deal.

"I think it's imminent," Kelly said. "I think something -- and it's up to Jack, (athletic director) Jack Swarbrick will make that decision whether he wants to make an announcement or not. I really don't need an announcement, I've got a signed contract. I'm getting paid every day, and I'm fortunate to be the head coach at Notre Dame."