Marshall clarifies accountability comments


Marshall clarifies accountability comments

Marshall will keep bosses reactions to accountability comments private
Wide receiver Brandon Marshall issued strong statements after last Sundays loss to the Green Bay Packers, calling for accountability even if it meant jobs.
Some of the folks in those jobs appear not to have appreciated Marshalls public calling-out.
Well, maybe that was a comment that maybe I should have kept to myself and kept in-house, Marshall said, a little sheepishly. And with that being said, any response I got from anybody in the organization, Ill keep that private.
Marshall laughed as he said it but the problems and comments were hardly humorous. And Marshall, who is rewriting the Bears record book for wide receivers, stayed with his accountability theme but pointed the thumb instead of any other digit.
I didnt say I should have refrained from remarks, I said maybe when it comes to, when you have a..., he paused.
I retract that. I retract that if thats what I said. What I meant was, you can lead in so many different ways. I have to be accountable to what I put on tape.
Thats why when I went back to the Green Bay game tape, my blocking wasnt great. I think it was the third play of the game; I was supposed to stay outside and Tramon Williams, Green Bay cornerback got inside of me and tackled Matt Forte for a three-yard gain when that couldve went for 20 or 30 yards.
I have to be accountable to Matt and I have to be accountable to the offensive coordinator and the players and this organization for my play. I think the best teams succeed when we hold each other accountable and we do that.
Clarifying bad losses
I realized that I didnt fully explain this morning the abyss that Lovie Smith would find himself staring into if he had a classic bad loss late in the season. I cited the games with Arizona (5-9) and Detroit (4-10) as precisely that type of situation; lose one of those and Smiths fate is sealed.
The Bears have indeed already taken very bad losses (see: Packers, Green Bay). But I apply that phrase to losses to bad teams, games you clearly should have won with ease, differentiated from those games from games against good teams where you may play badly but at least it was a team of some note.
The Bears played abominable games on offense against Green Bay, Minnesota and even Seattle their last three outings. Those are every bit bad, but as I also noted, losing to good teams may be distasteful but nowhere near the calamity of losing to a doormat.

Carl Edwards Jr.'s special tie to Memorial Day

Carl Edwards Jr.'s special tie to Memorial Day

For Carl Edwards Jr., Memorial Day has a special meaning.

That's because the Cubs reliever has a very close tie to the armed services. 

Edwards met his fiance, Nette Smith, before her deployment in Afghanistan. Throughout her active service, Edwards kept in touch by writing her letters. Their relationship eventually blossomed, and now the couple has a one-year-old child. 

With Smith's army commitment finished, she views Memorial Day as a time to appreciate all those who serve. 

"To me, Memorial Day is a day set aside for me to remember some of the people I have met who sacrificed everything," Smith said. 

Watch the couple's entire story in the video above. 

Morning Update: White Sox power past Tigers; Dodgers sweep Cubs

Morning Update: White Sox power past Tigers; Dodgers sweep Cubs

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